Chapter Twenty: I Fear Myself

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I fly through the air so fast that I can feel the skin on my face rippling. At either side of me I've got Zeus and Rush and w are racing to downtown after receiving a distress signal from Indigo, saying he needs help.

There's a small explosion in the distance and a bunch of screaming as people scatter and try to escape the scene. Ghost and Indigo are fighting off Sinister, or should I say Sinister's. Apparently Sinister has the ability to duplicate himself like Rancor does.

This is the first time I've ever seen Sinister in the flesh. I've only ever seen photos of him. After a mutation incident, his skin was turned to the colour of Vantablack, a material that absorbs ninety-nine percent of light, and he wears a black spandex suit that matches. His teeth are elongated and sharpened into point, and there have been stories told that he rips out people's throats with those sharpened teeth.

Indigo and Ghost are back-to-back fighting off Sinister's in hand-to-hand combat. I immediately fly into the chaos and light a bunch of them on fire. They let out loud screeches that are enough to make your ears bleed. However, they don't disappear like the Rancor's do. They keep coming at you.

Indigo's blue and white suit has been all torn up, revealing his tanned back, knees and chest. He's got blood staining his suit in multiple places and his face is bleeding from a gash on his cheek. Ghost is unscathed at the moment and I'm assuming he just recently got here.

Zeus and Rush fight off a bunch of Sinister's as well, and one of them tackles Zeus to the ground and a bunch jump on top of him. Rush sends a wave of water blasting towards them and washes them off, allowing Zeus to stand up. He coughs from the sudden rush of water at him but quickly joins back in the fight, grabbing a Sinister by the throat and ripping it's head off. It falls to the ground lifeless and spills out a puddle of black goo.

I turn back to fight my own Sinister's and get punched in the face. Three flaming Sinister's approach me and I realize that the only way to kill these things is to actually kill them like how Zeus did. I super speed to one, take it by the neck and smash its head into the head of another Sinister. Then I fly up, stand on each of their shoulders with one foot to keep them grounded. I grip them by their chins and pull up as hard as I can, ripping their heads off. No blood or guts pour out. Only a thick, black liquid.

The real Sinister watches from a comfortable place in the air, away from everyone, amused and clearly entertained.

I look at Indigo for a brief moment. A Sinister has hold of one of his arms and pulls it back so it is behind him, out of use. Another Sinister snaps at him with his razor blade teeth, nipping at him, only grazing his shoulder. Ghost has three Sinister's frozen, suspended in the air and they all fall to the ground and shatter like glass. I super speed over to the Sinister holding back Indigo's arm.

I tap it on the shoulder twice and it turns to look at me, sharp teeth baring and ready to snap. Before it has time to respond I rip its head off and throw it at the real Sinister. He dodges it and smiles wider than before, which I didn't think was possible.

Indigo uses his freed arm and grabs the other Sinister by the upper and lower jaw with his hands. He pulls the jaws away from each other until they snap off and it breaks. He continues pulling until the skin around the mouth rips and he is holding a lower jaw in one hand and let's the rest of the body fall to the ground. Indigo throws the lower jaw to the ground and looks at his hands which are now bleeding because of the sharp teeth. He looks at me and nods his head in thanks, then turns around and continues fighting.

The real Sinister flies slowly over head and comes closer. He watches--observes--each of us carefully, examining our movements and abilities. He lands in front of me lightly and cocks his head to the side and grabs me by the throat before I can do anything. He lifts me up off the ground so my feet dangle in the air and bares his teeth. He lets out a small growl, spitting out black goo as he does so. I gasp for air and feel blood rushing to my head. A strange sensation then washes over my body and I feel as if I am being drained or something. I notice a fiery glow in his eyes and he lets out a gurgle of a laugh.

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