Chapter Twenty-Two: Be Mindfully Aware

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"Shoot." Rancor says as he paces the League HQ. I just told him and Ghost about what the girl--Paranoia I think her name was--had told me about Sinister's plan.

Ghost puts his arm around my back and holds on to my shoulder furthest away from him. "Scarlett," he says, "you're in danger. Should you really be out here right now? What if something happens to you?" His voice is laced with concern.

I shrug my shoulders. "We are all going to die eventually." I murmur. Ghost looks down at me and I can see sadness behind his eyes, but he tries not to show it.

There's a gust of wind and a bright yellow streak of light appears, and Maximus is standing in front of us. He crosses his arms over his chest and looks around at the three of us. "So what's this all about? I was in the middle of..." He trails off and smirks, deciding not to finish that sentence. I scrunch my nose up and look at the ground awkwardly.

Ghost shakes his head and groans. "Dude, have some class...."

"What?" Maximus fakes obliviousness, with an open mouthed smile, pretending to be innocent. 

Rancor pinches the bridge of his mask covered nose and moves closer to me to distance himself from Maximus. "Let's just forget about that and move on." He looks at Maximus with narrowed eyes.

I briefly explain what the girl told me to the group when everyone arrives and they all stare at me with horrified expressions. Rush raises her hand, as if she were in class and were asking a question. "How do we know she is telling the truth?" She asks, and a few others agree and look to me for answers. 

I sigh and look at my red gloved hands. If only Indigo were here. "I just--I have a feeling that she is telling the truth. It makes sense. This is the reason why Rancor came to me in the first place, and that is why he's here with us right now." I glance over to him and see him staring at me with a protective look in his eyes.

"Rancor, have you been going to the villain meetings lately?" Ghost asks him. Rancor tears his eyes away from me and glances at Ghost.

Rancor coughs, "Uhh, no. Last time I went, a few of them came up to me and threatened that if I ever come back again they will tear me apart--slowly and painfully, might I add." 

"Why'd they threaten you?" Rush asks. 

He laughs as he remembers, his monotonous robot voice cutting the pause of silence that fell over the room. "Uhh I may or may not have pulled one too many pranks on them. Let's just say it involved guns, maple syrup, feathers, a camera and a LOT of pink hair dye." He laughs again, then gets serious, "However," he shouts as he flies up onto the table and starts walking around. "I have a friend-"

"You have friends?" Zeus cuts him off, receiving chuckles from a few people. 

Rancor just looks down at Zeus with annoyance and groans. "Zeus shut your face so I can continue. The sound of dying cats is really distracting." Ghost, who was taking a sip of water from his cup, starts coughing. "Anyway, as I was saying... I have a friend. His name is El Diablo and he is part of the villains squad, but I know for a fact he doesn't agree with what Sinister is doing. A lot of them don't, but they're too scared to object. So, maybe I could get him to help us out; get us information." Rancor looks around at everyone, searching for approval. Some people nod their heads, slowly. Others are more hesitant.

I clear my throat. "Maybe we could also ask for help from The Whisperer." I suggest. Zeus and Rush's heads snap in my direction and they immediately start calling out 'no' and list a thousand reasons why that is a terrible idea, meanwhile a couple others start snickering to themselves at the thought, obviously finding my suggestion amusing since The Whisperer is known for his infatuation with me.

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