Chapter Thirty-Two: Oh, Scarlet, You're An Idiot

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We approach the warehouse now, and the adrenaline is pumping. It coursing through my body and feel like I could lift up the entire Earth on my shoulders right now if I hand to.

The building is large and grey with only a few windows scattered around the upper level. It looks ominous. Looming over us like a dark cloud about to thunder and strike.

We reach an opened chain linked fence that leads us right into the courtyard, giving us an easy access point straight to the hostages. I fix the mask on my face and pull my red gloves higher up onto my hands. My body feels numb from all the adrenaline, yet my brain feels like it's on fire.

Everyone crouches down to stay hidden from Sinister, or any other villains who might be lurking around that we don't know about, and they all mentally prepare themselves for the potential battle at hand. Me, on the other hand, I prepare myself for my personally battle: the one where I kill Sinister and get rid of him for good.

Once we are ready to go, Ghost concentrates to harness his powers and slowly, one by one, we all turn invisible.

It was actually pretty cool and badass looking, not going to lie. Like a wave of cloaking ability washing over the group.

When we are all turned invisible we can see each other, but it looks as if we are looking at each other through a sheer curtain.

As we walk right up to the doorway of the warehouse, I concentrate to try and talk to Paranoia to assure that everything is going smoothly. There's no use in that though because she is the one who can read my mind, not the other way around.

But thankfully she hears my thoughts and responds.

"I am distracting him right now. Come in and do your thing," She says and I signal for us all to move up and enter the warehouse.

The door opens with a little squeak, gaining the attention of some of the hostages. The first person I wanted them to see is Zeus, because he looks the most like a hero and I didn't want to frighten the hostages and cause them to make noise.

The warehouse is dark when we enter it, but luckily for us, once our eyes adjust, we are able to see from the dim light hanging above us.

The hostages come into full view now, and the heroes go find their people. Some hostages are carried out, flown out, or walk out with the heroes accompanying them, and Landon, following orders, goes to find my parents to bring them to safety.

I thank him immensely.

I don't want to see my parents before this fight goes down. I don't want my guard to go down and my adrenaline to dwindle. I need to stay alert and stay strong.

I watch him as he runs to find them and crouches down beside them, he helps them up and they escape through the door.

"Up the stairs." Paranoia directs me and I walk up the stairs as quietly as possible.

Before going to find Sinister, I take one last look at the heroes, and at this point, almost all the hostages are gone. I sigh in relief.

"Keep going," she instructs and I continue to sneak down the hallway, being cautious of my surroundings.

The rest of the group is suppose to wait for me at a hiding place close by to the warehouse where they will be able to see me once I leave. So I have faith in knowing they will be far out of danger by the time I reach Sinister. I don't want them to get hurt.

I creep down a dark hallway as silently as I possibly can. The metal floor beneath my feet doesn't help this, but I persist, confident that Paranoia is distracting Sinister well enough for him not to hear me.

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