Chapter Eight: I Don't Feel Well!

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I sit in chemistry class with my head down comfortably on my desk. The other students enter the room, opening and closing the door loudly as I try to rest before class starts. People chatter away to each other as Mr. Zap enters the room.

"Morning class." He says monotonously, clearly not excited to be there either. Nobody responds to him. He begins today's lesson and I refuse to lift my head up off my desk to watch, deciding that I'm just going to listen and hopefully the boring information will put me to sleep.

The door beside me opens and in strolls Landon, casually. Rather than sitting in the spot in front of me like he normally does, he chooses to switch to the desk directly beside mine. The chair scrapes along the floor loudly and the sound of his books landing on the table makes me jump.

He lets out a long sigh and I can see from the corner of my eye that he is doing what I'm doing but he is actually looking at the board, chin resting on his forearms.

"Hi," he whispers to me. I tilt my head to the side and look at him but say nothing. When he sees my face he smirks. "You look awful," he says and I roll my eyes at his comment.

"Thanks." I reply sarcastically. This morning when I woke up to get ready, I had major bags under my eyes and I looked extremely pale faced. The dark circles beneath my eyes also decided to make an appearance, as well. I tried to conceal it as much as possible with make up but couldn't manage to get rid of them.

After a moment of staring at me, he purses his lips. "Are you okay?" He asks, his formerly amused expression turning into one of concern.

"Sure." I say with a shrug of my shoulders and turn my head back down to rest again. I take in a deep breath, filling my lungs to full capacity and stop. My breath gets caught in my throat as a familiar buzzing in my pocket suddenly wakes me up. I pull out my "business" phone and read the alert that just popped up.

It reads:

Downtown Mayhem as Villains Stir Up Trouble

A picture of Rancor, DeathSkull and Nano show up on screen. I groan quietly, unimpressed with the impeccably poor timing of this, and raise my hand. Mr. Zap looks at me and waits for me to ask my question.

"Um, I don't feel well." I lie. I pretend to hold back vomit and stand up with a panicked look on my face.

"Oh, uh, okay go ahead then." He says and I run out of the room with my stuff. I use a bit of my super speed to get to my locker and retrieve my bag. Then once I am outside and out of view from others, I fly up in the sky and change out of my school clothes and into my costume. I throw my bag through my bedroom window on my way to downtown and stop when I see the three villains. Right now I am the only hero here but hopefully soon Zeus and Jinxed will show up to deal with their villains.

Rancor flies in somersaults and shoots lasers down at civilians. DeathSkull marches through the street with his spiked hammer swinging beside him. He is about eight feet tall and the size of an over-the-top bodybuilder. His head is a literal skull which is obviously painted or tattooed on and he wears spiked boots, black jeans and a spiked leather jacket with no shirt underneath, revealing his eerily toned, tanned pectoral muscles.

Nano walks just in front of DeathSkull, her shiny black cape flowing in the wind behind her as she shoots tiny nano-bots from canisters attached to her wrists. They fly out and swarm you, ripping your flesh off of your body piece by piece and can only be killed by a pulse of radiation, which is why Jinxed was paired up with her.

In the street, coming towards Nano, Jinxed rides her shiny blue motorcycle which turns into a full armour suit around her when she pushes a button. I honestly don't know how that technology works but whoever though of it was pure genius.

Zeus flies over head, conducting electricity from the lamp posts and street lights. He shoots a bolt of electricity at DeathSkull which lights up DeathSkull's entire body, but only does minor damage.

I turn my attention away from their fights and search the skies for Rancor. I can hear his heartbeat but I cannot see him. I search all around me but there's no sign of him. I fly further into downtown but feel something grabbing my leg. I turn around and see nothing. I pull my foot out of the grip of whatever it is and float there for a moment, looking to see if it'll appear.

I blink and Rancor is right in front of me, causing me to jump back, startled.

"Boo." He says in his robotic voice and he shoots up into the sky at rocket speed. I follow him up there and with my flaming hands ready to launch fireballs.

I fly up and realize I've flown into a circle of Rancors. He surrounds me and I know all but one is a duplicate. I fly up to one as another one grabs my foot and pulls me back. I kick it in the face with my other foot and it disappears. I punch the one I went after in the face as hard as I can and it disappears as well. Two down four to go.

The other four fly in all directions, trying to confuse me. I light my whole body on fire and watch to see which one reacts differently from the rest. None of them pay attention which I conclude that none of them are the real Rancor. Is the real Rancor even here?

Two of them charge at me at the same time from opposite sides. I wait until the point of no return and at the last second, fly out of the way and they collide into each other, both disappearing. The last two talk in unison.

"Nice to see you again Scarlett." He says with a laugh. I roll my eyes and charge at one. I grip it around the throat and light my hands on fire. It screeches loudly and I punch it in the face repeatedly until it disappears. The last one floats a good distance away from me, barely moving a muscle and looking very animated.

"Very good." It coos in its typical robotic tone. I fly to it and punch it as hard as I can. It flies down to the ground and disappears as well. So Rancor didn't even show up. Interesting.

I fly to the ground and spot Zeus struggling to defeat DeathSkull. I fly down to him and swoop down beside DeathSkull. He notices me and goes to swing his spiked hammer. I dodge it with ease and light my hand on fire. I can see the light from my hand glowing in his all black eyes and I grab the hammer's head in my hands and melt it, rendering it useless.

DeathSkull growls like an animal at me and throws the hammer off to the side. He pulls out a shotgun that was strapped to his back and aims it down at me. I float up so that I'm level with him and I bend the barrel of the gun so it is pointing towards the sky, rather than at me.

"You little..." He mutters. "You're gonna pay for that." He smacks me as hard as he can, considering he has super strength it was a pretty hard hit, and I go flying into a building. I smash into the wall and fall to the ground, feeling as if I just broke every bone in my body. I watch as DeathSkull comes marching over to me. He picks me up like a rag doll and holds me by the throat up in the air. I heat my body up which seems to have no effect on him because he just grips tighter.

My eyes bulge out of my head and my esophagus closes and I cannot breathe. Black dots cloud my vision and I start feeling dizzy, but just before I am about to go unconscious, Zeus flies in with a stop sign in hand and swings it at DeathSkull's head. He drops me and I fall to the ground, gasping for air.

"That was close." Zeus says to me before flying off, chasing after the soaring DeathSkull as he crashes into a car.

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