Chapter 9

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"You haven't won yet..." Shrek muttered, gripping the apple in hi hand.
Doctor Oz blurt out, "Why you always lying? Why you fucking lying? Why you always lyiiiiiiiing!" He sung, Shrek threw his apple at him and it his Doctor Oz so hard that he died.

"Nooo!" Judy and Phil screamed, they took his mangled, juicy body and took him outside to bury him.

"Hermione, let's do this. Together." I said to her, she blushes and nodded. She leaned over to me and kissed my cheek. My face went bright red.

"I can do dat on my own bro!' Gloria yelled sassily and ran towards Shrek, he bounced her away with his belly and she crashed in to Dorothy.

"You alright m8?" Gloria asked, "Fine." Dorothy answered, giving her a thumb up. Judy, Oz, and Phil all came walking back. One thing was wrong... Phil was a zombie!!!

"Bite Shrek!" Judy commanded, Phil winked at Shrek and then charged. Shrek dodged and then jumped on him, pinning him down. Then he farted on him hard as a rock!

Phil got up and ran to the washrooms to clean himself. I then took Hermione's hand and we both kicked Shrek in the nostrils. Shrek took such an impact that he flew in to a locker. We all shoved him in and locked him in there.

"I'll ring him daily food!" Tris announced, Good... shrek will be fed.

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