Chapter 3

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Shrek, Shanaynay and I fought our way past out teacher and classmates, we ran to floor 69 and hid there in the hallways. "We lost em." Shrek said, unzipping his pants. "What are you doing idiot?" I yelled at him as he revealed a red thong. "U wot m8?" He asked, I backed away and he came closer.

(Insert Shrek is love/life scene here.)

I backed away as I realized what just happened. Wait I blacked out as he walked towards me. I woke up in a bedroom with pink walls, and a heart shaped bed. I was tied up and hung up by the ceiling fan.

I realized I was naked.

"Wanna know why they tried to kill me? Heh heh." Shrek approached me, "You... kidnapped me!" I yelled, he smiled.

"The only thing I did to you was feed you hotdogs. You kept muttering in your sleep. You were dreaming." Shrek giggled as snot came out of his nose. He wipe it and touched me with it.


Now I know the truth. I have to help the others defeat Shrek!

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