Chapter 1

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Trevor's POV

I ended up skipping my first class, Math. Second block/period is 360 noscoping practice. I walk down the crooked halls, covered in notes on all the lockers. I pick one stray one off the flood and read it.

'Smoke weed everyday' It says. I chuckle and toss it in a nearby garbage can.

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention... my name's Trevor Spear. I'm 17, 5 foot9, white albino hair, and skin that is as white as snow. Yeah... that's me.

Noscoping class starts and I sit down next to my friends, Shrek, and George Bush. He was wearing his usuals, Dem Sweg Glasses, some Dank Kush in his denim jeans pocket, and his favorite mixtape, Dequan's Love Making
Mixtape. "Okay class." Our teacher shouts from behind a red curtain in the gym. Peppy The Hare steps out, "Do a barrel roll!" George shouts out, Peppy pulls out a laser and shoots him.

"Daaaaaaaaaaamn." Everyone yells, leaning back. I stand in one spot and watch George's body wither away.

These are the other people in my class.
Judge Judy
Dorothy(Wizard of oz)
Hermione (Harry Potter)
Legolas (Lord of the rings)
Gloria (Madagascar)
And Alex from Target.

"YOU SUCK EGGS!" Mr.Clean shot out to everyone, everyone turned over to him and pointed their gun at him instead of the targets. I put my gun down on the gym floor and stood back.  Alex from Target and Gloria shot him in the head, "SHOTS FIRED! SHOTS FIRED!" Franklin cheered, the bell rang and we all left. I heard Dr.Phil and Legolas talking as we all walked to  History class. "You can't no scope for wut m8." Dr Phil said, stroking his moustache. "You fucking wot m8?" Legolas replied, "Who's father's on crack?" Legolas added. "OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH." Everyone yelled as our History teacher, Peppe the frog stepped out of the classroom we were going to. He smiled and welcomed us all in. He wore sweg glasses, a pink cardigan, and weed pants.

(Continued in chapter 2)

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