Chapter 5

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Author's Note: As the story gets more and more confusing and more and more fucked up. Will our hero do whatever he is going to do to be the hero? Read Intensely.

I decide to go to the student councillor, I wonder who it is? I open the door and I see a woman sitting at a desk, Sharkisha! Omg really?! Anyway... *glares at Fanboy222*

"What is it m8?" She asks me, I jump when she looks at me. She's an absolute badass!

"I need help with something." i ask her, she raises her eyebrow.

" Do you know about... Shrek? Shanaynay? Dorothy? Alex?" I ask her, she raps her fingers on her desk. "I swore not to tell.... ok well... hmm... 1V1 ME ON TWITTER!" She screamed. She took a sweg wood plank from the inside of her desk.

"Fite me." She said, I quivered in excitement.

I got my quick scope from my locker and rushed back, she smacked my big booty and I cried. I no scoped her in the arm, she fell to the ground.

(Continued next chapter)

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