Chapter 8

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Author's Note. As the story starts to wind down you will notice many romance scenes. Have fun and read Intensely!

Peppe, Gloria, Doctor Phil, Doctor Oz, Judge Judy, Hermione, Sharkisha, Tris, Dorothy and I all walked to floor 69.

There stood the monster of Oh Baby A Triple. It was giant Cory from Cory in the House.

"Wahahaha!" Shrek yelled as he kissed Oh Baby A Triple, "Cheater!" Tris yelled. "I love you too Tris!" He yelled and Oh Baby A Triple farted on his knee.

"Sweg." Oh Baby A Triple yelled as she farted on Shrek again for revenge. "Anyone wanna kill everyone with us?" Shrek asked, Everyone on our side nodded and we all took fighting poses.

"Attack!" Shrek commanded Oh Baby A Triple, Hermione and Judge Judy attacked. Judy high kicked Oh Baby A Triple in the face. Hermione ran up to it but was knocked back my it's kush foot.

I ran up to it and noscoped it 8/8 in the eyes. Oh Baby A Triple staggered back and fell on set of lockers. Peppe then finished him off with a dank death stare. Oh Baby A Triple's eyes burnt up and he died.

Shrek stood there, but then suddenly...

(Continued next chapter)

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