Chapter 6

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"Ok fine..." Sharkisha muttered, she took her booty smacking board and broke it in half with one big karate chop. "Here's the truth about them..." She said, sighing. "They were-" She started to say.


Shrek came tumbling through the wall, "nobody will know my secret!!!" He roared, Donkey, Fiona, and Tris from Divergent were behind him. They approached us, "sorry... they forced me to join them." Tris shrugged.

Shrek picked up Sharkisha's limited edition Josie and the Pussycats lamp and chucked it ferociously at her. She ducked and it smashed on the wall.

"I know Karate!!" Sharkisha yelled, she ran up to Fiona and smacked her in the face. "MLG!!!" She screamed!

Fiona took her by the foot and shook her, "Hear my mixtape!' She screamed. Donkey turned on a disc player with his tongue an it started playing Dequan's Love Making Mixtape. Sharkisha howled with pain, she grabbed Fiona's crown and threw it at her foot. She dropped Sharkisha and fell over in to Donkey. They both died.

Tris backed away as Shrek approached me, "U wot m8?" He snarled, Tris then kicked him in the back of the neck, knocking him out.

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!!!" I yelled as she approached me, "I'm the mother." Tris whispered to me


(Continued next chapter)

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