Chapter 4

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When Shrek left the room to do something in the bathroom, I cut the ropes with my spare fork that I keep in my socks.


I grabbed my clothes, and my airhorn. I got changed into my dank christmas sweater and my cheeky shorts and snuck around to his closet. I opened the closet and there was this big ipad. I turned it on, it asked for a passcode.


"Illuminati confirmed." It bleeped out in a robot voice.

It unlocked and then the pictures app popped up. It showed a picture of Dorothy (who was dead) holding a baby. Then I started to recognize who it was... Yoda.

"What are you doing in my swamp!!!!" Shrek screamed, he had nothing but his thong. "What is this?!" I yelled, he grabbed me by the wrist and threw me outside his window. "Dorothy is still alive! No b8 m8!" He yelled again. What? Dorothy is alive? Alex killed her! This makes no sense! And... Yoda? Really Fanboy222! You could have made it some sort of hot chick! Gosh!

I went back to the academy and went to my dorm. Hermione was standing at the foot of my checkered bed. "You can't no scope 4 shit." She yelled, pushing a gun in to my hands. "Not now." I stated, she looked at me again weirdly. "Just DO IT!" She yelled. I looked at her pitifully, "Get the fuck out." I yelled, she walked over to the door but stopped mid way.

"I'm on your side." She said , winking at me flirty.

(Continued in Chapter 5)

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