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Sorry its taken me so long to update, I was forced to marry a swamp hag after making a deal with her to help me write faster. BOY OH BOY! Never enter a bargain with a swamp hag. YEESH!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the conclusion of NOT THE AMISH! I can't wait to hear your thoughts. BUT FEAR NOT! There's lots more Yarns coming to tangle you up soon. 

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Part II










Hal wanted to stay in darkness.

It wasn't painful there.

Consciousness had other plans for him.

He began to sense his body.

He sensed arteriole-filtered light on his eyelids.

He tried to keep still.

Every micro-movement disturbed the nothingness.

Ripples gave away his position to the fishhooks being cast from the surface.

They punctured his thoughts and reeled him up from the depths.

The more he resisted, the more he moved, and the more he moved, the more pain tore through his body.

If he could just stay still...

Return to the deep.

He began to taste blood.

He began to feel the limits of his face, which throbbed heavy bass.

Please throw me back he cried.

But even a plea for unconsciousness is an act of consciousness.

And each act of consciousness was a spastic flail, driving the hooks deeper.

The line pulled taught.

And the writhing fish was tugged towards the surface.

As Hal's eyes shot open his finger clenched the air for mercy. Each breath ballooned his lungs against his broken ribs.

"Where am I?"

"Hal!? Hal?!" Nik's blurred face focused. She looked frightened, which was frightening, because Nik never looked frightened; not when they we're about to freeze to death in Tunguska, not when they we're held hostage by Congo Militants, but here, in this sunny room with the embroidered linens, she looked terrified.

"What happened?" Hal croaked.

"A fecking tree fell on the cargo van is what happened! I thought you were gonna kick it."

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