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A new child
A man and a woman were walking in a garden, but not just any garden, the royal garden, for this was the King and Queen of France. All of a sudden, they heard a wail coming from behind the blue waterlilies that were floating in the pond. There lay a small bundle of green and blue blankets lying on a lilly pad in the middle of the pond. The Queen stepped closer, but could not reach the bundle. Suddenly, the water in the pond moved the bundle to the Queen and a man rose out of the water. He had messy raven black hair, a deep tan, and sea-green eyes. He stepped up to the Queen.
"I am the Greek god Poseidon and this is my son. His mother died during birth but the Olympian council will not allow me to take him. Please take my baby boy and raise him to be a strong and handsome young man." Without waiting for an answer the man disappeared into a sea-breeze leaving the King and Queen to take care of the child. The Queen picked the bundled up baby and looked into the child's sea-green eyes. She has always wanted a child but couldn't have one. Tomorrow it would be made official. A new member of the royal family will be documented.

Prince Perseus Jackson of France.

Alright. Thanks for reading I will update again as soon as I can.

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