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Percy is 8 now

Percy POV

I hop out of the car and run down to the beach. Ever since I told mommy and daddy about my nightmare they have been taking me to the beach a lot. I never get tired of it.

I jump in the water, not bothering to take off my t-shirt. The waves seem to calm down and the temperature seems to warm up a bit. I relax and swim out. I see mommy and daddy watching me and smiling.

"Percy you forgot to take off your shirt!" My mommy laughs.

"I know!" I reply.

I dive back under water and open my eyes. I see fish and a coral reef. It is really pretty so I swim to it. The fish talk to me like they do at the aquarium. One voice stands out a bit though.


The voice is deep but it sounds like it has a stuffy nose.

Who are you?

I am the anemone.


The sea flowers would like to know if you want to pick one?

That would be amazing! Thanks!

It is no problem my Prince.

I swam over to the sea flowers and picked one. It was absolutely beautiful. I said goodbye to the sea creatures and a shark swam up to me and offered to take me to shore. I held onto its fin and we swam through the water. As soon as we got to shore, I pet the shark and waded out of the water and to my parents. But, right on the sand, a wave crashed and when the water left, a necklace was on the sand. I picked it up and slipped it into my pocket. I'd look at it later.

I ran to mommy and handed her the flower.

"For you!" I giggled.
She laughed and took it, "Thank you, Percy. It's beautiful."

Daddy bent down and picked me up. Mommy and daddy never questioned why I came out of the water dry. Maybe that is how I'm supposed to be. Anyway. Daddy let me climb onto his shoulder then they walked to the car. Daddy put me in my car seat and buckled the seatbelt then moved to the drivers seat while mommy got into the passenger seat.

When we got to the palace, I ran to my room and flopped onto my bed. I took the necklace out of my pocket and turned it over in my hands. I ran a finger over the clay beads. Each bead had a different, interim are design. They looked hand made. I tied the leather cord around my neck. I'll keep this until I find the person it belongs to.

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