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Percy POV

I stretch, preparing for my race across the casserole grounds with Luke.

"You ready, kiddo?"

"As ready as I'll ever be, old man!"

"Oh, you're gonna pay for that one!"

"On your mark!"

"Ready, Set, Go!"

We both dash off, me at a jog, and him on full sprint. I laugh mentally because the castle grounds are so big, that if he keeps that sprint up, he's going to collapse half way!

I keep up my jog, getting just a little by faster ever few minutes. I see that I'm almost two thirds of the way done, and look around for Luke.

I find him just a bit ahead of me, still running, but more of a jog. I decide to sprint this last part.

I start kicking my feet up higher and faster, taking 2 steps running for every 6 steps walking. Soon, I pass by Luke, who doesn't seem to like the fact that he's now losing, so he starts to speed up too.

I start pushing myself, trying to go faster and faster...


I run into our little home made finishing line. I start jumping up and down, excited, and ready to tease Luke. He comes in just a few seconds later.

"I beat you! I beat you!"

I jump on top of his back, and wrap my legs around his middle and my arms around his neck.

"Oh shut up."

"On wards, Horsey! You owe me an icecream!!!"

"Ugh..." He groans.

He doesn't argue though, and hooks his arms underneath my knees, and starts to walk to the kitchen.


"No, you're heavy!"

"I am NOT! I am as light as a feather! Are you calling me FAT, Luke Castellan?!"


"Good. Now go faster!"

I'm grinning my butt off. Luke starts a slow jog and I know he's tired so I don't push him any harder.

"What kind of ice cream do you want?"

"Umm...anything we have that's blue!"

"Okay... Why blue?"

"Because it's my favorite color, duh!"

"Uh huh."

"Just get me icecream."

When we finally make it to the kitchen, he sets me on the counter and goes to the freezer. With nothing else to do, I just sit there and wait for him to bring me my icecream, and start to swing my legs back and forth.

"Alright, here you go."

He hands me and icecream cone with blue icecream.

"What flavor is it?"

"Cotton candy. I only scooped the blue part and not the pink part."

"Yay! Thank youuuu!"

I kiss his cheek in delight and start to attack my icecream.

"You're welcome"

He gets onto the counter next to me, and starts to eat a small bowl of vanilla icecream that I just noticed he had gotten.

When we finish, I feel like running again.

"Race you to my room!"


Hehe, he never backs away from a race!


We take off out of the kitchen and start to run to my bedroom. I'm trailing behind him a little bit, but then I hear something that gives me the chills and makes me speed up to catch up to Luke.

The sound of loud, thumping footsteps and a carnivorous roar fills the hall.

Dedicated to Phoe-nix
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