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Percy is Five years old
Third Person POV
Percy walked in between the King and the Queen; the King on his left, the Queen on his right, holding one of their hands. They were going to the aquarium today and Percy was extremely excited. He hopped and skipped in between his 'parents'. They walked through the doors of the aquarium and he ran straight to the giant tank of fish.
Percy POV
Lord! Lord! Our little Sea Prince! How are you today my Lord?
I am confused. Where were the voices coming from? I look around wildly.
Here our Prince! Here! The fish! We are here!
Don't talk out loud my Prince. The mortals will think you are crazy. Think your thoughts and aim them for us. We will hear you.
I concentrated and aimed my thoughts for the fish.
You did it Prince! You are very powerful.
I'm powerful...?
Yes, my Prince. Very powerful! Very powerful indeed!
My Prince I believe your 'parents' are looking for you.
Oh. Oopsy doopsy. I hope they don't get mad at me. Bye bye friends!
Bye our Prince! Remember the sea!
With one last wave I turn around and run to my mummy and daddy.
Mummy sees me and grabs daddy's hand. They run to me and I jump into mummy's out-stretched arms.
"Oh Percy. Our poor baby! Are you alright? What happened?"
"Mummy mummy I'm fine! But the fishies were talking to me!!! They are so cute! I love them! I want a fish mummy!"
Mummy looks at daddy and they take me to the gift shop. Along the way I have little conversations with the fishies we pass. We arrive at the gift shop and I start looking around and running along the isles.

Queen POV
"Hun, he is getting powerful. Too powerful for his own good. He is already talking to the fish. Pretty soon he is going to be too strong for us to hide." I tell my husband distressed.
"Don't worry honey. We will contact Poseidon he will know what to do. I suggest though that we start our son in school. Maybe homeschool is best for now?"
"Yes. And I do say, it would be nice for him to have a fish of his own. Just then the little munchkin comes running towards us with a Nemo plush toy in his little arms.
"Mummy I love it!" He says cradling the toy, "Can I have it? Please?!" He gives his baby seam face.

It is impossible to resist that face.


Hey guys I am sooooo sorry for not updating sooner! I have been extremely busy with school and band so I haven't had the time. I will try to update more though! Thank you so much for being patient with me!



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