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Percy POV- Age 10

"When you wish upon a star
Doesn't matter who you are
Your heart desires
Will come true"

I sing When You Wish Upon A Star as I sit by the palace pond, my feet swishing in the water.

I gaze up at the night sky and try to trace constellations.
The Big Dipper
The Little Dipper...

I sigh. I've always found peace as I gazed at the stars, but not tonight. Something is coming, and it is rapidly approaching. I had a dream...

The streets filled with blood.

Teenagers swinging swords, staving with daggers, shooting arrows, all at each other...fighting.

Strange, monstrous creatures roaming the city...a city...which city? There was a sign...I think it said New York...

People passed out on the ground, in cars, everyone but these teenagers and the monsters.

Like time has stopped...



Why did these things come to me in my dreams? I've never seen any of these people before. I've never seen this kind of death before. Why?

Who are these people?

Why are they fighting?

Why are they killing?

What are those creatures?

When will my questions be answered?

All this, just because I had a dream...

It's short I know! I'm so sorry! I'm on a little writers block, as you could probably tell from this horrible chapter. I will start updating regularly now, though! Next update will be Thursday April 21!
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