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Luke POV

Chiron notified me of a situation one day after swords practice, that the Prince of France, Perseus, is actually a demigod.

"Why do I have to go there again?"

"Luke, this is urgent. I cannot go there for a house call myself and I cannot send a Satyr there to protect him because his sent is too strong. You are the only good choice."

"Alright, but why?"

"Luke, I am about to share with you important confidential information. So confidential, that not even the boy knows of it."


"Poseidon has been found out to have had a demigod child."

"He what?!"

"This child, does not live in the United States. This child lives in France."

"Wait a second, are you saying...?"


"No. No way!"

"Luke, please."

"Alright, I'll do it."

"Thank you. The things you will need are already packed and loaded into the camp can to be taken to the airport."

"You went through my stuff?!"

"No, we are providing everything."


"You leave first thing tomorrow."


The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and I just had another horrid dream of The Titan of Time.

Let's go to France!


As the airplane takes off, I stare down at all the patches of brown, green, and yellow, already missing Camp.

"Would you like anything to drink?"

I turn my head and look at the tall, skinny, brunette flight attendant.

"Just a water, please."

"Of course, Sir."

She hands me a cold bottle of water and walks away.

I turn my attention back to the window and notice that we are flying over the sea now.

I can't help but wonder what the Prince of France will be like. Will he be snobby and rude? Or will he be kind and polite? Modest? Has a Son of Poseidon really been under our noses this whole time? The pictures of the Prince on the walls of the Aphrodite cabin are actually pictures of a Son or Poseidon?

How will Camp react?


I exit the airplane and spot a man wearing a tuxedo, holding up a sign with my name on it. I walk over to him.

"Luke Castellan?"

"That would be me."

"This way please."

I shrug and follow the man. He takes me to a white limousine and opens the door for me.

"Thank you."

I slid in and get comfortable, resting my head against the backboard.

"The King and Queen have been kind enough to offer you a guest room in their home."

"They did?!"

"Yes, sir, you will be staying with the Royal Family for your trip."

For some reason I find myself grinning. A palace. I get to stay in a palace! Awesome!

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