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A year later

The Queen of France walks briskly in the direction of her adopted son's room. She hears wailing and starts a sprint. Finally she reaches a set of sea-green doors.

She carefully opens the door just in time to baby Percy's hands thrust out and a stream of water hit a giant black mastiff with red eyes. She realizes that this is a hellhound.

Poseidon gave her and the King clear sight so they can protect Percy. She watches paralyzed in fear and amazed at her new son's power as the stream of water pushes the hellhound against the wall with so much force, the monster explodes into gold dust.

She runs to her crying son and picks him up, seeing a cut on the center of the child's palm. She darts to the infirmary and has a doctor patch it up.

"Sorry Mi'lady, but the child is going to have a scar. There is nothing more I can do."

The doctor says as he stitches up the child's hand. The Queen sighs, takes baby Percy in her arms, and goes to seek guidance from Poseidon. He comes to her aid and puts the child's hand in water, allowing it to heal. All that is left is a faint line of a scar.

This chapter is dedicated to @Thalia_Grace_Rules. If it weren't for her, I probably wouldn't have updated for another week or so.

So sorry it is short. The next couple chapters will be more like fillers on what happens as Percy grows up as the Prince of France. When should the King and Queen send Percy to camp?
12years old?
13years old?
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