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If I’d thought Eros would be a brand-new person the next day, I was wrong. When I entered the cafeteria on Thursday morning with Simon, I felt two ice cold hands on my hips. Before I could slap them away – knowing they belonged to Eros – he had pressed his body against me from behind, his arms circling me.

“Good morning gorgeous," he murmured, his voice low. “I like your skirt.” His hand slid down, his fingers brushing the bare skin just below my short black skirt. I shivered, a pleasant chill going down my spine. When his hand found its way underneath my skirt however, I stepped away from him.

“I think I told you to keep your hands off of me before, didn’t I?” I warned, my eyes narrowed. I was more furious at my own reaction to his touch than I was at him. I should have expected this from him.

“I never agreed on doing that for any length of time,” he responded lightly, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “And honestly, you don’t look like you mind.”

“Well, I suggest you look better,” I spat, hating the fact he was right. I hadn’t minded: that was the whole problem here.

“Maybe I will,” he threatened darkly, brushing his fingers against my arm, making my skin crawl in an awfully pleasant way.

“I’m in the mood for some scrambled eggs,” I told Simon, deciding ignoring Eros would be the best course of action. “You coming?”

“Sure,” he said, happy to get away from Eros as soon as possible. “But only if you won’t get mad if I take some bacon with it.”

I rolled my eyes. “Fine. Go kill some innocent animals.”

“They’re already dead.” Simon grinned. “Don’t be so dramatic.” 

Talking to Eros the night before had been astonishing. Not only had he been honest and nice to me, he’d also seemed… strangely vulnerable. I’d felt a strange kind of sympathy for him, and it was like we’d had some kind of understanding. Today, however, he seemed to try to undo whatever he’d accomplished yesterday. The comments he made were even more sexually inclined than usual, he touched me every occasion he could, whether I wanted to or not – and believe me, I tried very hard not to let the feeling that it wasn’t half that bad show.

In the meantime, everyone was talking about the dance.

Eve and Drew were going together of course, both in all black. I thought Eve would look great in pink or maybe green, but she stuck to her black wardrobe. Eve and Drew were acting like they’d fallen in love all over again – must have been some night yesterday…

Sam was acting like she couldn’t care less about this whole dance, but I’d seen her eyes spark up when a really cute older guy had asked her out. I believe his name was Davy.

Paulie had decided not to wait until someone asked her, so she’d gone straight into action. She’d literally tackled a guy in the middle of the hallway and asked him if he wanted to be her date. The guy – a very attractive were named Egon – wasn’t even too stunned to say yes, which made me suspect he knew Paulie fairly well.

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