Never let me go by LeslieWriting
Never let me goby Leslie Garza
April Grey had everything under control. With the title of queen bee, the most beautiful face and a seemingly perfect life. But it all changed the moment Evan Black deci...
  • teen
  • teenfiction
  • lovestory
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Priceless by theonemockingjay
Pricelessby Merci
For seventeen year old Sierra, Gran and Papa's farm serves as a safehouse from her insane father and distant younger sister. Staying with her grandparents over the summe...
  • country
  • youngwritersprize
  • teenfiction
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The Shadows: Shadows Series by nayabaya-09
The Shadows: Shadows Seriesby Lanaya (nay for short)
Monsters everywhere. Not something you hear from a sane person on a daily. No, at my age, saying something like that was sure to get you a one way ticket to Crazyville. ...
  • love
  • youngwritersprize
  • demons
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When I Met my Future Husband in my Dreams and wait, He's a VAMPIRE?! [EDITING] by ItsGaysee
When I Met my Future Husband in Gaysee
SYNOPSIS SHE met a guy who was a keeper of a dark secret in her dreams for the umpteenth times. Thereupon, the mysterious guy suddenly appeared in her 'real' life, yet...
  • wattyaward14
  • youngwritersprize
  • relationship
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Amber Alert [Published - Sample only] by XxNightStripexX
Amber Alert [Published - Sample XxNightStripexX
[Action #4] THIS IS A SAMPLE OF THE PUBLISHED BOOK. Anna is taken from her home to live out a sick game that a guy has been playing for the last ten years. With no cert...
  • blood
  • taken
  • youngwritersprize
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Royalton - Book 1 {Paused} by Shaniel247
Royalton - Book 1 {Paused}by Shaniel Swaby
Kelsey Dobrev lived a wealthy life. Being the daughter of the most famous Graphic Designers, she had everything she could ever ask for. But her life changed when Kelsey...
  • queen
  • king
  • princess
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Chasing Nirvana by hippopototamus
Chasing Nirvanaby Ei
There are summers...and then there are summers. Nathaniel has been friendzoned by Jimmy Jacobs FOREVER. Jimmy, beautiful, reckless and more than insane, has never given...
  • love
  • sadness
  • summer
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The Conspiration of The Universe (Published under Cloak Pop Fiction) by KenDaniel
The Conspiration of The Universe ( Kenneth Daniel Olanday
The Conspirations of the Universe is a story about Luke Monasterio, a book hugger and a fan boy, who had recently had his heart broken by his girlfriend. He thought that...
  • eureka
  • paulo
  • science
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Blue by Yasmine_Hashem
Blueby Yasmine_Hashem
He's not human but he exists. She doesn't know but she feels. Once he was living normally but something happened. It changed everything. No one knows what happened. But...
  • taeyang
  • jiyong
  • supernatural
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Boost a Paul Walker Story by alyssalynn193
Boost a Paul Walker Storyby Alyssa Lynn
Payton Davis and her family, except for her slutty little sister Alexis, have been boosting cars ever since she could remember. Every time one of her siblings turns 16 t...
  • streets
  • paulwalker
  • fastcars
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Knowing You're There by dreamsmadereal
Knowing You're Thereby Jess
Lia and Kurt both struggle in school. She's blind. He has Asperger's Syndrome. The two instantly connect after meeting in the hallway and bond over their musical talen...
  • boyfriend
  • wattys2014
  • highschooldrama
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I've Returned To Find My Father by VickyAruwa03
I've Returned To Find My Fatherby Faizah Mohammed Aruwa
I know the criminal, ...but you do not. I need your suspect guess to be so strong, because in the end, your guess will be dead wrong... Prologue Monday 10th December 201...
  • sparta
  • nancy
  • youngwritersprize
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Untouchable by meggieissi
Untouchableby Meg Twibill
Ruth is beyond awkward. Noah has known her since she was 3, and even then she screamed at him for trying to hug her. She has autism, but she isn't her condition; it's ju...
  • youngwritersprize
  • autism
  • trust
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As Much as You {completed} by amandarose
As Much as You {completed}by Amanda Rose (Millie)
Ezra Sparks woke up one morning in a hospital bed with no recollection as to who anyone was -- unless he'd met them before he was nine years old. Unfortunately, Carmen B...
  • london
  • triangle
  • memory
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Book 1 - Recessive by TheCrazyTeens
Book 1 - Recessiveby TheCrazyTeens
Beliefs, discriminations and boundaries have led us to this stage..... This forsaken society of evil and greed , no less than the demons themselves have changed the thin...
  • japanese
  • ishikawa
  • exploitation
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Rebellion by Chaoticrimes
Rebellionby Rana
This is a story written for the Young Writers Prize. Please read and vote and comment too :D In the city of Ituanan, year of 3001, the Saviors took over our country, in...
  • dystopian
  • youngwritersprize
  • youngwritersshortstory
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Tangled Up by amywhitear
Tangled Upby amy
  • youngwritersprize
  • youngwritersprize14
  • youngwritersprize2014
Wasted (Young Writers Prize) by Sophismic
Wasted (Young Writers Prize)by Sophie
Her stepfather in prison and her mother drinking to cope, Shannon French knows her life is far from perfect. Somehow, she's got to juggle looking after her two younger s...
  • contemporary
  • addiction
  • youngwritersprize
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Her Guardian Angel by pandababy_1
Her Guardian Angelby Never Grow Up
Emma has lived with her parents all her life. When her mom suddenly decides to leave, everyone in the tiny town knows within a day. Emma's life at home is changed compl...
  • christianity
  • chick-lit
  • youngwritersprize
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One Last Goodbye [Entry for YoungWritersShortStory] by annregine_27
One Last Goodbye [Entry for Lanaya
*Contest entry! Please comment, vote and share! Love you all!* I know that Elliot will be my happy ever after. He'll be my prince charming in my own fairy tale, just lik...
  • rebellion
  • youngwritersshortstory
  • youngwritersshortstory2014
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