(A/N: Here I will be showing the pasts of the two main characters in the book. Both Carter and kyla have a past that made them the tough wolves they are today. Pic. of 'Kyla' above!)

Kyla's POV:

I was young when the incident happened. It was my 8th birthday, but I remember it like it was yesterday. The day had started out perfect. Mom had made me my favorite breakfast, and my older brother Jack had set up the whole pack house with princess decorations. Dad had been singing all day long and the whole pack was getting ready for my birthday party tonight.

Now that I'm older and I'd known what had really been going on, I could see the whole experience in a totally different way. The way my brother was on edge or how my mother kept telling me she loved me, and that she's always be with me no matter what.

They were signs. They knew that this was our last day and I had been completely oblivious. That night our pack was attacked. I was out in a safe house along with the elders, and some other children. My parents and brother fought with the rest of the pack army, and whoever else could help. By the time they'd finished the rival pack had wiped out everyone and everything.

My parents, and brother were gone. I was never going to see them again, I was never going to be able to hear them say the words 'I love you' again, and for that I swore revenge on whoever did this. I did everything I could to learn about every single rival relationship our pack had with others.

I trained with my grandfather to continue the alpha line. My parents only had one son, my brother Jack. The pack loved my family as the alphas so much, they agreed to allow me to be first female alpha, provided I could prove myself. And trust me I did. I fought all the people in line to be the alpha family, and even led a hunt–our most successful one in years, might I ad. For the last eight years I had been training. Just waiting to be the alpha my grandfather wanted me to be. My grandfather had stepped in as alpha for the time being, but he needed to retire, and I wanted to be alpha.

Finally last year I became alpha. It was tough, and a lot of the boys in line for the 'Alpha' title came after me. They tried to kidnap me at one point, which didn't work well. They tried to distract me with their perfect abs and muscles....also didn't work...well. I overcame every challenge they threw at me. Even when some even dared to challenge my wolf.

My wolf is very aggressive, and yet girly at the same time. She flirts with her prey...teases them before ripping out their jugular. My wolf, who I've come to name Ruth – it stands for ruthless because that what I was. I am ruthless


Carter's POV:

My life was strict. Growing up since the age of two my father groomed me to be the best, and if I wasn't he would leave me in the cellar. He excpected nothing but the best from me at all times. I was his only son. He expected the same from his two daughters as well.

We grew up in a certain type of setting. Our dad was alpha, and our mother was his faithful Luna. She took care of the kids in the pack, ran the events, and did everything a stereotypical stay-at-home mom would do. Where as our father would provide for us. I was taught that the men should always be stronger, smarter, and more of a leader than women, and women should listen to their men. My father preached that men were superior to women.

I always wanted to live like my father. I wanted to be exactly like him. I would do anything to make my father proud of me. Now don't get me wrong, I didn't personally agree with some of his beliefs, but I wanted him to be proud. Just one, I would like him to tell me I did a good job.

I knew when I found my luna I was going to have to lay down the law. I also knew that she may not like it, but she would abide by them because I am her Alpha and she'll respect me...I hope. Maybe then when I ran my pack exactly like my father, maybe then he'll finally be proud of me. Maybe then he'll accept me as his son, and tell me he loved me.

Until then I've done everything in my power to make my father proud. He made me alpha last year, but is still disappointed I haven't found my luna. Even though it's not my fault. I can't control when I'm going to find her. Although I know it has to be soon, I am seventeen. Most people find their mate by then, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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