Chapter 24- Wedding Dresses

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Picture of Kennedy's Wedding dress at the top

2 Weeks Later


Today me and the girls are looking for me and diamonds wedding dresses. I want to have my wedding while I have my pregnant stomach so diamond decided she would have her wedding after mine. I told her she didn't have to but she insisted. I only have a month left which means my wedding will be right around the corner. In 3 weeks exact.

Bria and diamond were out sitting down in the chairs waiting for me to come out in my next dress.

"Ok what about this one?"

Diamond covered her mouth to muffle her laugh.

"Ok honestly sis no. That makes you look....just no take it off."

"Ugh" I complained going back to try on my seventh dress. I swear this has to be the one. I am tired as hell. I put on my seventh dress and looked in the mirror before I went out. It is my favorite to be honest. It fits me and it compliments my pregnant belly. I then started to walk down the aisle.

They both gasp.

"What....oh you guys i love this dress and you guys don't. Give me a break yall I really like it. It's-"

"It's gorgeous!!" Bria said.

"Omg ken you look good girl!!!" Diamond said.

" You guys really like it?"

"Yes!" They said in unison.

"Yaayy!" I squealed. "To be honest yall I was gone be pissed off if yall didn't and I was going to get it anyway!"

"Na a dress like that? It's to gorgeous plus it fits you! It compliments you stomach and makes you glow!" Diamond said. " I'm gone have to get pregnant or something. You gone out do me two times in a row."

"I can't wait until I get married." Bria said.

"How have you guys been."

"We're making it but I just feel like it's only so much I can take you know."

"Trust me I understand." I said looking at myself in the mirror again.

"I'm so glad I didn't go through any of that with Jason." Diamond said.

"My brothers a good guy well family wise. I just can't see him doing anything like that. It's always been him, if he gets something he sticks with it. Um ma'am how much is this one?"


"Yikes! Oh well Elijah loves me plus my ring cost more. I'll take it." I said walking to the back to take off the..I mean my dress.


After we left the dress store and put my dress in the truck we decided to walk down to McAlisters to have lunch. This is normally the type of restaurants to have lunch at. It's always a good vibe. Then our waiter came bringing us our drinks.

"This club sandwich looks good, I'm going to have this and a loaded baked potatoe." I said.

"That looks good to, the mashed potatoes with cheese and bacon bits and the club turkey sandwich." Diamond said.

"And I'll have the-"

Just then we heard a lot of commotion so we looked to see what was going on. Somebody was trying to get in the door with two huge security guards pushing people back. Then that somebody walked in.

"Is that Adrian?" Brianna said.

"I think it is."

"Yall can stay outside the doors, I'm good." He said.

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