Chapter 1-Together

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5 years Later

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I could here their small feet running up the hall.

"Yes mommy?" They said in unison. I smiled because I love when they do that but Ariel and Alaina do it more than anybody.

"Breakfast is ready. Hurry up and eat so I can take you guys to grandma house."

"Ok." they said.

I moved back to Harlem before me and Elijah finally got married. Before we did that he insisted that I meet all of his family. They instantly accepted me. I always wondered how they felt about the kids.

"Mommy can I have some more bacon? " Jordynn said.

"Of course." I said sitting the plate of bacon on the table.

After Elijah divorced Tasha a week later she killed herself and we found Jordynn alone in the house. That is something a 2 year old should never go through. After we took her in I knew I had to be that mother figure in her life. After she started going back to her normal self she started calling me mommy and it made me so happy. Now I have 4 little ones running through the house day and night. jordynn and prince will start school in August and I am not ready for it.

"You cooked breakfast babe? " I heard Eli say. I smiled to myself.

"Yes I did." I turned around and kissed him.

"Eeeww" Ariel and Alaina said. I laughed.


"ah hush" Eli said. they giggled.

"Babe what are you doing today?" I said.

"Well I have to go handle some business with your brother and then-"

"Nevermind." I said. I am so ready for eli and Jason both to leave the game.

"Babe don't be like that." he said holding me by my waist.

"When are you going to leave Elijah. You have 4 kids now and I hate worrying if you will come home or not. I mean can't y'all give it to Roc and tee? "

"It's not that easy babe." I tried to walk off.

"Ok OK OK . I tell you what. Give me a year OK and I promise I'm done." I smiled.

"Really? How about 6months." he gave me a stale face.

"You pushing it."

"ok ok OK ." he kissed me and let me go.

"All done." The twins said .

"Me too." Jordynn said.

"What about you prince? " I said.

"im done but I want more." I laughed.

"You've had enough now go put your shoes on."

They all ran to their rooms..

"Where y'all going? " Elijah asked?

"Im taking them to your moms house and then I have to work." I said. He nodded.

"When you off?"

"7:00. Why? "

"Aite. leave the kids at my moms. and be ready by 10:00"

"Why were are we going? " I said.

"Don't worry about that." he said while eating his eggs.

"Well babe how am I going to know how to dress if you don't tell me?"

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