Chapter 27-Suit and Tie

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"Princeton come on before we late!"

"I'm coming dad! It's mom! She won't stop kissing me!" He said trying to pull away from Kennedy.

"Baby we about to be late!" I yelled to her.

"Alright alright you guys be safe!" She yelled back after letting Princeton run off.

After Princeton got in the front seat we pull off. I didn't wanna pick nothing too fast with him riding with me. Plus he's riding in the front seat and Kennedy doesn't allow that.

Me and him are on our way to get our suits made for the wedding on August 16. Just a few weeks away. I honestly don't get the big deal of it. You spending all this money for one damn day. Plus this is our second wedding; it didn't even have to be this big but whatever my baby wants.

Jason and Marcus said they were going to meet us there so we wouldn't be wasting time picking them up. I didn't plan on it anyway, they both got hella cars just like me.

I wish Princeton was my real son. Sometime I wonder if he ever thinks about it. As far as he knows I'm his dad. He's was too young to remember his past so I'm cool with leaving it like it is.

Some months after me and Kennedy got married we changed his last name to King so there wouldn't be any suspicions when he got older.

The fact that his real "father" is still somewhere out there kills me. I just wish the nigga was dead already. He don't deserve to live in my opinion but hey, he gone get his. Best of believe that.

I cut my radio on and Go' Hard by Kevin Gates came on. Prince looked over at me and smiled nodding his head just like me. That's my boy and I know Kennedy wouldn't let him listen to this but he not about to grow up no punk either.

Aw man, that bitch she go hard
Put it on me I'm like "Oh Lord"
No panties, baby, no bra
Aw man, that bitch she go hard
I can see her with her clothes off
Aw man, that bitch she go hard
Beat the pussy, till' she doze off
Aw man, that bitch she go hard

Turn on your headlights, pull in your garage
Somewhat explicit in my metaphors
On top this piano, but keys open doors
Party ammunition, naked all night long, we can go
Spin around, I been around in and out bitch I clown
How many rounds in this bound this bitch out for the count
Ain't no crying now, this ain't no crime that we committed, "hol' up wait it's boutta, can I leave it in"

Studio she making love to my microphone (check)
Naked while caressing her she likes my cologne (yes)
Dinner and a movie who the fuck am I
That activity may fly with another type
Kissin, touchin, huggin, take our time and we ain't no rushing
When we finish I might call you later on, don't call my phone
Opposite of never go soft, Ray Nagin penetration mean I go raw

Fuck you right, fuck you right, I fuck you right
Fucking right, I spend a hundred thousand bucks tonight
Real nigga, I got money and some good dick
Hundred million albums sold, still on that hood shit
Fuck in the phantom, even though I got a bunch of cribs
Stick and move, when it get in you make it punch your ribs
That's rico love, no picture please, this expensive dreams, and explicit screens
You get the theme

After pulling up at some French store Kennedy booked our appointments at we found jay and Marcus sitting on their cars in front of the store.

"Wassup? I said giving them both a man hug.

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