Chapter 11-A New Thing

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Picture of their house at the top

2 Months Later


I woke up to the feel of someone picking me up. I jumped but was relieved to see that it was my husband carrying me up the stairs of our new house.

"Oh your awake now." He said still carrying me to our room.

"No. Im still tired."

"Tired?" He said pushing the door open to our room with his foot. I nodded. "Why you been sleeping so much lately."

"I don't know but my breast hurt like hell." He sat me down on the bed.

"You know what that sounds like?" He said.

"I don't know but I'm hungry babe." He put his hands on his hips and looked at me. I laughed. "What baby?"

"All I hear coming out of your mouth is I'm pregnant." He said laying down beside me.

"Boy please I'm not pregnant." I said.

"You had your period?" He asked. I thought for a second.

"No but that doesn't mean anything. They come late sometimes."

"I keep track of yo periods too ya know." He said rubbing my ass while I laid on my side facing him. "I know when to get it in and when not to. So three months late does mean something." I smacked my lips.

"Bae you be keeping notes on me?" I said raising up a little laughing a bit.

"Hell yea. I don't wanna disappoint myself. I gots to know." I laughed. "but nawl foreal baby look, you been sleeping all damn day, ya breast hurt and you eat everything in sight."

"But baby the only thing that would confirm it is-" I held my stomach then my mouth. I got up and ran to the bathroom and hovered over the toilet. Elijah came and held my hair back.

"The only thing to confirm it is you having morning sickness?" He asked but really answering me. I pouted putting my head on my arm. "Get up baby." I stood up and he picked me up and sat me beside the sink.

He grabbed a face towel and wiped around my mouth. He then grabbed my tooth brush and put tooth paste on it. "Hold out your tongue." I did as told. He scrubbed my tongue and told me to spit. I felt like a baby. "Gargle this." He said handing me mouth wash. I did and spit it out.

"Now give me a kiss." I kissed him. He rested his hands on my thighs and put his forehead on mine. "Baby we're pregnant again."

"Baby I can't have another baby. We have four children baby."

"And we're going to have five."

"Babe we're going to have a football team running through here."

"You know I want 19 kids."

"WHO GONE HAVE 19 kids??? Sshhhiiiddd!! They not coming out of me."

"Why not?"

"Your crazy as hell." I said hopping down. I started to walk out but he grabbed me by my wrist and brought me back.

"I'm only crazy over you." He said kissing my lips.

"Aaww I love you baby."

"I love you more."

"Baby we're having another baby."

"Yes we are and I can't wait until he gets here." He said kissing my stomach.


"Yes he. We need some boys around here."

"Yea we do. I honestly don't want anymore girls."

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