Chapter 22- Found

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Me and Jason were on the jet on our way to Harlem. I went ahead and sent some of the crew to Puerto Rico to be on the look out for consequence. See my mission is get there, find Kennedy, find consequence, killem and be out.

I can only hope and pray that brains can track down that phone booth. If he can't I'll lose my fucking mind. I swear nothing will ever happen to my wife ever again after this and I'm praying to God that she doesn't lose my baby boy. I've wanted a junior for so long and I wouldn't be my self if she lost him.

Me and Jason walked inside of the warehouse to see work in progress. We walked over to brains who was doing whatever on his computer.

"Got anything?" I asked nervously.

"Yea boss. That phone booth is like 20 minutes away from the address she gave you. Here are the directions. Or you can put them in you gps. You have to be on the look out for an abandoned gas station."

"Alright let's ride." Jason said.

Before I left Miami I packed ken a bag of clothes because there is no doubt in my mind that they've been treating her wrong. That's just a fact. I'm not putting her in a hospital in Puerto Rico. I want her around doctors I trust and in a country that I trust.

We boarded my jet and took our seats. I couldn't help but notice that Jason looked like he was in a trance.

"Yo jay."

No answer.

"Jason?" He looked at me. "You good?" He shook his head no.

"You don't understand how personal this shit is for me. You don't understand how it feels to walk in on your own father raping you lil sister. You dont understand how it feels to have to kill your own father maybe even your own sister. Family don't mean shit to some people no more. You go out of your way for them just for then to turn around and spit in your face. You constantly saving their asses for them to go back and do the same shit all over again. Im tired of this shit. Cons and maybe even Ebony, they gone be the last motherfuckers I kill. I can't keep putting my family through this shit. I'm leaving the game man. I know if I leave or not people gone be gunning for me but it won't be as bad. I'm getting tired of this shit. You should be too."

"I already told ken that I'm leaving. I was supposed to had been left but then all this shit happen. Don't worry bro I'm with you. You and me both tired of this shit."

"Glad we on the same page. I wanna bring more kids in this world but not when I'm doing this. You having a junior that should make you wanna give this shit up even more. We got more then enough money to last us a hunnid life times. All in all, after this shit, I'm through." He said.

"Who we giving the throne too?"

"Trust I been thinking. I think roc would be good for it though. Oh and Marcus ass need to leave too. I'm tired of Brianna's big head ass calling my phone for some shit he done did."

"Yea you right."

"But back to this shit. When we catch this nigga, it's a done deal. I want this nigga to suffer. He gone feel all the hurt he put my sister through."

"I'm with that shit." Just by the way Jason is talking is making my blood boil.

The plane took off and we were on our way. All I could think about was having my wife back in my arms. Me being in the game has put us through so much bull shit. No doubt even if I wasn't he was still gone come for her but that shit about to end today.

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