Chapter 26- Get Together

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The Next Day


I woke up to Princeton the sound of princetons laughing. I turned over and looked at him.

"Did I wake you up ma?" He said attempting to rub my forehead but ended up poking me in the eye.

"Aahh Prince." I said jumping up to go to the bathroom. I walk in and Elijah was using the restroom. I closed the door and went to the sink.

"Whats wrong?" He asked.

"Princeton stuck me in the eye." I said pouring water on my eye to stop the burn. I then wiped my eye and moved over so Eli could wash his hands. He did so while I used the restroom I washed my hands.

"Your such a perve." I said referring to him watching me.

"Yea but you like it." He said coming up behind me.

"Don't start nothing in this bathroom Elijah." I said pushing him back with my butt.

"Well you better stop throwing that thang back on me."

"Eli stop." I said to him gripping my ass.

"You know you like it."

"Yea but we not about to have sex when my baby is in there sick."

"He not gone hear us and he's not sick."

"Boy you know in not a quite moaner."

"True." He said backing up.

"Are you going to go get the girls or do you want me?" I asked.

"I can do it."

"Ok can you bring me back some breakfast from Denny's."

"I should have known it was something to it." He said walking out.

"I love you too." She said after him.

I dried my hands and walked out the bathroom door taking a seat where Elijah once was.

"Is you eye ok?"

"Yes it's fine baby."

"Mom I wanna play basketball."


"Yea I've always wanted to play it but I just didn't think that you would let me do it."

"I don't know Prince if your asthma gets better then maybe we can look into it."

"Ok." He slightly smiled.

I pulled out my phone searching up ball rooms to have my wedding at. I found 4 places so far and I'be scheduled appointments to get them looked at.

I am so ready to have King. He is really weighing me down. I just can't wait for my baby boy to get here. You know I wished that Prince was Elijah's child and that we named him to be a junior so we would be calling him King instead of Prince so then this baby would be name Princeton. It just makes more since because Princeton is older he should be king and this baby should be Prince. Oh well though I'm fine with everything. They are growing up so fast I just want them to slow down.

I mean Princeton wants to play basketball? I would love to see my baby out there on the court and hopefully someday get drafted but if that asthma doesn't get better then he won't be dribbling nothing. Hopefully it does. I don't wanna crush his dreams.

After scheduling appointments I called catering companies to select my food courses for the reception. I want to have a variety of things for everyone. I'm going to invite Elijah's family, Brianna's family, a few celebrity friends and other close friends like Riley, Stacey, and keyshia.

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