Chapter 20-No Where To Be Found(Part 3)

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"It's your dad jason." She said. "I know all about you. I know all about everyone. He told me everything."

"But I killed him almost ten fucking years ago." I said. She started shaking her head.

"No No No.... You shot him in the head once and in the neck. You put him in a coma for a very long time. The scar across his face is from the surgery. Not everybody dies when they get shot in the head."

"Bruh nawl nawl!!!! HELL NAWL!!! I killed this nigga!!!"

"No jason. He's alive and he's very well. You have to find them. Cause he saw me and I know he knows that I'm telling you so I doubt that they are in the same place."

"Wait how did Jonathan get out of jail?"

"Consequence had been following you guys around for years so I guess when that thing in New York escalated, he took that opportunity to get Jonathan on his side."

"This is some fucking bullshit bruh!!!" I said with my hands on my head. Elijah wasn't saying shit. He just looked like he was boiling. His chest heaved up and down heavily. He looked like the fucking devil. He had sat down on the ground taken in all of the information. He stood up and grabbed Lamonica by her throat and slung her to the wall of the house.

"Where the fuck is my wife??!!!"

"I don't know!!!" She said through the little breath that she was getting. He punched her in the mouth.

"Hold on don't kill her yet we need to find Kennedy first." I said trying to get him off of her.

"Stop!! Stop!!" She screamed through whispers. "I'm pre-"

"WHAT??!!" He said easing off of her a little.

"I'm pregnant." She whispered crying. Me and Elijah both looked down at her stomach.

"You said he makes you do stuff like this right?" Elijah said. She nodded. "Then it ain't mine." He let her go. "Don't move or I will break your fucking neck." He said walking in the house.

"I got her." I said.


I walked back into the house up to me and Kennedy's room. How could I not see this shit. I almost lost my fucking marriage because of that nigga. Ain't no tell what he doing to my wife right now. Damn I'm sorry baby. I knew I should have went instead. I should taken her myself.

I never like that bitch Ebony. She always seemed sneaky as hell and she was always disappearing left and right. People try to do stuff for her ungrateful ass and she leaves town with some nigga that will beat her ass.

I know she family and all but I would kill the lil bitch. I called my mama and told her to take the kids some where out of state and that the plane was already waiting for her. I put more than enough money on her card for her to get them more clothes food and for the place they would be staying.

I told bria and diamond to go with them. I told Marcus to stay with them because I needed a guy there with them.

I grabbed my guns and loaded them all. I took them outside and put them in the back of my black Tahoe. I went back inside and changed my clothes. I wore a black hoodie black joggers and my black timberlands. I grabbed my phone keys and was out.

"Put that bitch in the back seat. " I told jason referring to Lamonica. Dumb bitch. "Nah as a matter of fact put her ass up front. We gone go to every place you say go and everytime I don't find shit that will tell me where my wife is ima punch you in yo fucking jaw and hope that shit breaks." She cried the whole time but I don't give a damn. I'm a pit bitch why the fuck would you wanna fuck with me.

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