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Outside of the hospital


"WHO THE FUCK WAS IT!!!!"  I was fucking historical. Some nigga just killed my fucking child.

"I don't know man." Jason said.

Just then my phone started to ring. It was Marcus.


"I know who did it." He said.

"Who was it." I said damn near on my tippy toes.

"It was that nigga Jonathan." He said.


"I already got you. I saw him take off running and I ran after him. I'm sitting outside this hotel he went to."

"What hotel?"

"The hamptons. Off blackhawk." He said.

"I'm on my way."

I hung up.

"Who did it?" Jason asked.

"That bitch ass nigga Jonathan. Marcus got that nigga location. I want that bitch in pieces!


Me, Jason and Marcus was standing outside this nigga door.

"Man what we waiting for my nigga let's go. Fuck if he hear us coming he ain't going no where."

"I got a spare key from the lady at the desk." Marcus said.

"Aite." I took it and slide it in the door. We slowly walked in. We split up and didn't find him. I walked to the bathroom and could hear the shower on. I nodded towards the bathroom door and they got behind me. Before opening the door, we screwed our silencers on our guns. We had on gloves so no finger prints would be anywhere. I slowly turned the knob and pushed the door open. He had his back turned and I waisted no time putting one in his lower back.

He fell to the shower floor. We all start pistol whipping the fuck out of him. Once he was unconscious. We drug his ass out the room, down the fire exits and got him in a truck.

We drove to a dungeon that I had in the middle of some woods and threw his ass in. He woke up looking around.

I hit one good time breaking his jaw. I heard that shit crack plus his mouth looked deformed.

"The fuck is wrong with you my nigga? You killed me baby girl...you know that shit?"

He through his head back laughing." That's all it took to set me off. I started stomping the fuck out of his. I grabbed weights and all and started to bust his shit. All of us got it in on his ass.

After I new he was dead, I still wasn't done with him. I grabbed my machete and chopped his ass up into bite size pieces.

After cleaning everything up. We set his ass on fire and left him.


After we left there we went back to my house to get changed. We couldn't go back to the hotel because because our whites suits turned into red suits. I gave them some of my clothes to put on and after we showered we headed back to the hospital.

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