Chapter 23 ♔

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♔ chapter 23 ♔

♔ Lea's POV

These past couple of days have been rough for me with Leon still being upset over his father dying and I keep thinking about what Cindy told me to keep a eye on Diggy. I have been pretty distant from him lately and I'm sure he has noticed but with everything going on lately nothing seems to add up. Who could've killed Kameron and why? Even though Kameron was a little ill-mannered towards me I know that he's a good man and wouldn't have pissed someone off that much but maybe he changed.

I sighed of relief when my final class had let out for the day.

"Mrs. Mckenzie do we have homework?" One of my students called out as they gathered all of their stuff.

"Nope. I'm gonna let y'all off easy since it's the weekend!" I exclaimed putting on a bright smile.

Everyone let out cheers before racing out of the door.

Good to know that I'm not the only one wanting to get out of here.

I collected all of my things when I heard a knock on my door.

"Come in!" I called.

My door opened to reveal Mrs. Thomas. I sucked my teeth as she came over to my desk with a smirk on her face.

She gave me a fake smile. "So...I heard something..." She started to say.

I rolled my eyes knowing whatever she's gonna say I'm not gonna like.

"What did you hear?" I questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"I had a little talk with your son Leon and he told me that you've been letting Daniel Simmons live with you." She said with a smirk on her face.

"I'm only helping out a student who got put out of their parent's house." I replied back smartly.

She shook her head before chuckling a little bit.

"I don't think your just helping him out, I think you and him are romantically involved , and I'm pretty sure our boss wouldn't like to hear about this." She threaten battin' her eyelashes.

It took everything in me not to climb over this desk and choke the hell out of her.

"I'm not romantically involved with him so mind your damn business!" I snapped picking up my work bag and heading towards the door.

"When it involves one of my favorite students then it is my business." She stated before I slammed my classroom door.

I'm starting to think she has a thing for Diggy...


Once I got home I noticed the house was empty except for Diggy who's watching tv.

"Hey babe." He greeted me with a smile.

A warm feeling came into me as I smiled back down at him.

"Hi." I said before letting out a sigh and setting my bag down on the table.

This week has been so stressful and I can't wait until it's all over.

"What's wrong?" Diggy asked turning off the tv and standing up.

"Nothing." I replied back walking into the kitchen with him following behind me.

"Don't lie to me. What's wrong?" He said through gritted teeth.

He gave me a irritated face making me give him a look.

"I've just been stressed out that's all." I told him before letting out a deep breath.

He nodded his head in understanding and he came over to me.

"Stand still and straiten your back." Diggy demanded making me confused.

I did what I was told anyways.

Diggy then began to message my back.

I moaned in pleasure as his strong hands worked their magic on my back.

He placed gentle kisses on my neck and down my back.

After a little while he turned me around and we started making out.

"You're mine forever." He mumbled against my lips roughly grabbing my butt.

You're mine forever

Lea in mm 😍❤️

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