Chapter 28 ♔

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♔ chapter 28 ♔

♔ Lea's POV

I feel so dirty and used...

After Diggy raped me on the couch he tied me up to a chair and sat down in front of me to stare.

"What else could you possibly want? You already forced yourself on me."
I cried out.

"Lea I'm sorry but I had to do that. It was for your own good." He said softly.

I shook my head rapidly. "You really are sick."

That must've made Diggy angry because next thing I know he's up throwing stuff.

"I'm not fucking sick!" He shouted throwing the tv remote at the tv and making it shatter.

"Diggy just face the facts. You're sick..there's something seriously wrong with you!" I argued giving Diggy the nastiest look I could.

He grabbed my face roughly. "You better be lucky I fucking love you or else your ass would be dead right now." He shouted squeezing my face hard.

"This isn't love Diggy. You don't hurt the one you love and you've hurt me in more than one ways." I stated.

He looked at me before finally deciding to let my face go. He stared at me for a couple of seconds probably realizing that I'm right.

We sat in silence before we heard the door open.

We both turned our heads to see Leon walking in.

He looked over at me before looking back over at Diggy.

"What's going on?" He asked backing up a little staring Diggy up and down.

"Leon run now!" I screamed hoping he would run.

Leon ignored me as he looked at the gun sitting on the table before running over towards it.

He was almost to the gun before Diggy snatched it into his hands and aimed it at Leon.

"Diggy please don't hurt him!" I cried out as Leon stood still with his hands up.

"Please don't kill me." He mumbled backing up a bit.

"Stand still and don't fucking move." Diggy demanded coming closer to Leon.

"Okay I won't. Just don't kill me." Leon replied back with a scared look in his eye.

"Diggy you already got me just let Leon go. He has nothing to do with this." I explained to him making tears fall out of my eyes faster.

"Come on Lea , you and I both know that I can't let him go." Diggy said moving Leon over to the couch and demanding him to sit down.

Leon sat on the couch while mugging Diggy hard.

"Now Lea lets get back to what we were talking about. How madly in love we are." He said lying in front of Leon.

"I don't love you! Worthless piece of shit." I mumbled the last part but I could tell that he heard me.

"What was that?" He asked.

"You're a worthless piece of shit." I repeated before spitting on his face.

He turned his head slightly like I just slapped him and wiped the spit off of his face.

"Disgusting bitch!" He spat out before sending a hard smack to my face.

I eyes instantly filled with more tears.

"Don't put your hands on my mom!" I heard Leon yell from behind him and next them I know he's attacking Diggy.

Leon punched Diggy in the back making him fall over slightly but Diggy didn't really need to recover as he turned around quickly and punched Leon in the face.

"Stop hurting him!" I shrieked even though I know he's not gonna listen to him.

Diggy and Leon both threw punches back and forth but Leon's punches barely hurt Diggy at all because of his lack of strength.

"Diggy just leave him alone!" I yelled tugging on the rope wrapped around me tightly. I can't stand just sitting here watching Leon get beaten up.

By now Leon's on the ground almost passed out.

"That should teach him to stay in his place." Diggy chuckled before turning around to face me.

"I fucking hate you so much! I'm gonna kill you!" I snapped still trying to get out of the rope.

Diggy laughed. "I'd like to see you try baby."

I groaned as I rolled my eyes at him.

"Awwww baby. Cheer up! Daddy hates to see you upset." Diggy joked grabbing onto my chin.

"Go fuck yourself cunt." I spat out.

"Nah I'd rather fuck you instead." He said grabbing onto my thighs roughly.

Before I could say something back I heard a cracking noise and suddenly Diggy fell to the ground.

Diggy let out a groan as I looked down at him to see him knocked out.

"Mom! Are you okay?" Leon asked rushing to my side and untying me.

Once i was untied I kissed all over Leon's battered face.

"I should be asking you that." I told him touching his face.

He hissed at me before pulling his face away.

"I'm fine now let's call for help before he wakes up." He mentioned running to find a phone.

I looked down at Diggy before kicking him dead in the face.

"You won't get away with this you basterd."

Leon in mm ❤️

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