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After Curfew by SlytherinAfff
After Curfewby SlytherinAfff
Willow's always been known as the good girl with the wealthy parents who could do no wrong. Little do they know that this seemingly perfect girl has some less than perfe...
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Dead Man's Guide To Suicide by ScarlettBlackDaisy
Dead Man's Guide To Suicideby Daisy
Juniper Thorne isn't trying to kill herself. All she wants is to emotionally blackmail her mother into letting her stay with her grandmother. She gets what she wants, an...
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Bearly Burning by gr8pillock
Bearly Burningby Michaela Wright
Josephine Dalton has one goal - take her daughter and run. Yet, when a close road encounter with a bear sends her car careening off a cliff toward the Atlantic, it looks...
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Anchor by blanchardbooks
Anchorby Nicole Blanchard
Former Marine turned Coast Guard Gabriel Rossi, traded the brutal desert for the unforgiving sea to be closer to his family. When a woman risks her life to save his youn...
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Cherry Blossoms by annabethlove
Cherry Blossomsby Cris💕
Shoto Todoroki is an enigma to Y/N and she can't help but be drawn in by him and his solemn eyes. There's something about Shoto that makes her believe that maybe there's...
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Till Death Do Us Part by ladyliteral
Till Death Do Us Partby winter bear
••• ❝Not yet,❞ he says, shaking his head as he narrows his eyes in a warning stare. ❝She's not sorry yet -- but she will be. Every breath she takes, every...
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The End of It All (second book to The Mafias Rose)  by volleyball238
The End of It All (second book volleyball238
Skylar has moved on in life now. She's gotten her life back on track and can finally see clearly. New job new friends and maybe even new love? But as much as she loves...
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maniac ; caleb finn by dopeappearance
maniac ; caleb finnby dopeappearance
{UnEdited} "чσu'rє dєmσníc єчєs dσn't scαrє mє αnчmσrє." Lilac was your typical struggling college student. She meets someone not so typical. He doesn't feel...
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Stolen by sienaaustin
Stolenby Siena Austin
"Don't even try running away again because I will always be able to find you, Gattina." A chill runs down Rosa's spine and she can't help but shiver, not know...
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Obsessive Love || yandere jungkook x reader by xXxKAOxXx
Obsessive Love || yandere Georgi💜
--------------------------------------------------- "He's a stalker He's a blood thirst murder No... He's a monster, a psychopath He'll do anything to get what he w...
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Do Better (Book1) by brasticcasf
Do Better (Book1)by ‘🦎💛Naedagieco
18 year old Ja'Niyah struggles to know her worth because of her pathetic ex boyfriend who treats her any kind of way. Once she leaves him she finds it hard to love the g...
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IS THIS LOVE? (GirlXGirl) by xxReAL1tyxx
IS THIS LOVE? (GirlXGirl)by xxReAL1tyxx
Isabella has stood in the sidelines as she watched her best friend Madison gets asked out by guys after guys, never once has she let them interfere with their friendship...
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Immortal by RenFestLovrr
Immortalby Sabal Gallo Cloonan
She is a human. He's a vampire. He met her. She met him. Although he tried pulling the bad boy act, acting as if he had no care in the world, Johnathan Catcher had secre...
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Royal Abduction by Nehaboricha
Royal Abductionby Neha Boricha
"You're mine. For you, I would pay any price." he said in his irascible and raspy voice. "P-please let m-me g-go" I said stumbling upon my words as h...
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Sanity by novelistcyn
Sanityby cyn
She was chaos in it's purest form. Destructive enough to bring down everything in her path. But captivating enough to make you stay despite the madness. copyright © 2017...
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PURE CHAOS.   by Thenshefoundherself
PURE CHAOS. by Olivia
" She was broken . The burn marks, bruises and scars a heavy reminder of that . All she craves is the taste of freedom , the kind she'll never get . " ------ W...
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The Boy Next Door | Diggy Simmons by MsFanfictional
The Boy Next Door | Diggy Simmonsby Tay Here ♥
Kind of like the movie The Boy Next Door with Jennifer Lopez but it's also gonna be something different. Lea is 25 years old and she still hasn't found the right man to...
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Breaking Eden by K_E_Francis
Breaking Edenby Katharine Francis
[Highest rank in Mystery/Thriller #2 on 8/7/2018!] Wattpad's most twisted and disturbing book. A must read! Full blurb: Declan Payne isn't your average multimillionaire...
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OBSSESSED [2019 WATTYS ENTRY] by TheSolitaryPrincess
The story of a CIA agent. A ruthless and merciless assassin. A man who kill first and think later without any regret, who is rock hard like a mountain had his stone hear...
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Mr. Psycho 2 [18+] (Jungkook x reader){Ft. Taehyung}  by ani_kookie131
Mr. Psycho 2 [18+] (Jungkook x Ⓙⓔⓞⓝⓖⓖⓤⓚ
"You will never change JUNGKOOK!!!" "No I will never!," he smirked and laughed out devilishly. "I hate you" "You will hate me more!,&q...
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