Chapter 10 ♔

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♔ Chapter 10 ♔

♔ Lea's POV

I took a deep breath as I opened my car door and began to walk up to Kameron's house.

I'm kind of nervous because I haven't really seen Kameron since we got our divorce a couple of years ago. I mean we have seen each other but we didn't really speak just a simple hi or bye nothing serious.

Once I made it to the door I gently knocked on it.

After a couple of seconds I heard foot steps heading towards the door and then it opened and there stood Kameron.

I had a sub schedule to be in my class right now so I didn't have to worry about work and Leon should be at school so we have nothing to worry about.

Kameron's eyes popped opened in shock as he seen me. "What are you doing here?" He damn near shouted while looking me up and down.

"I came here to have a discussion with you about our son." I replied back smoothly.

I started to walk into his house but he gently pushed me back.

"You can't be over here I have company." He stated trying to close the door on my face.

"No, this is important! I have to talk to you about this." I demanded pushing the door back open.

The door pushed back revealing a young female.

"Baby who's that?" She questioned as she tightened her grip on the sheet wrapped around her body.

Just like him to have a female here at all hours of the day and it just so happens to be the same woman he cheated on me with.

I mean mugged her as she walked over to where we stood.

"Oh it's you." She said leaning up and kissing Kameron on the lips making direct eye contact with me.

I rolled my eyes.

I no longer cared for Kameron so her trying to get me jealous doesn't work anymore.

I just decided to ignore her and I pushed through them.

"We're talking now." I protested walking to the living room and sitting on the couch.

Kameron never listed to me other than him cheating that's what ruined our marriage. He was always caught up in other things and I was very unhappy.

Kameron came and sat on the couch across from me with the devil by his side.

"What do we have to talk about Lea?" He asked looking irritated.

I don't care how irritated he gets he's gonna listen to me, it's not like he did much of that when we were married.

"We have to talk about our son. He has become very disrespectful and he thinks he can come over whenever he feels like it when you have the weekends." I told him.

He kept a blank look on his face.

"I can't control how he acts Lea that's not my damn fault. If he wants to come over he can its his decision and you can't control him forever. You were always very controlling." He snapped making his girl laugh like a hyena.

"Apparently you can control how he acts because he acts just like your ass! We had a fucking agreement and he's only suppose to come over for the weekends." I yelled losing my temper while jumping up from the couch.

He stood up also.

"Don't fucking raise your voice in my house you fucking control freak! Since you wanna act like you run shit around here you can take your ass home." He growled making me jump slightly from his tone of voice.

I again rolled my eyes and walked over to the door opening it and stepping out onto the porch.

"I'll see you in court in a few months. I'm getting my damn son back." He yelled slamming the door and leaving me with a tear rolling out of my eye.

When did my life become like this? This is not how it was suppose to go.

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