Chapter 16 ♔

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♔ chapter 16 ♔

♔ Kameron's POV

"He had the nerve to come up in here and take my son!" I yelled angrily throwing my glass cup on the floor.

Tammy put her hands on my shoulders to calm me down.

"Baby, calm down. Don't let that little boy upset you." She mumbled before kissing my temple.

"He did seem little....He looked around 17 or 18." I told her with a eyebrow raised.

Don't tell me Lea's messing around with a 17 year old.

I quickly pulled out my phone and went to our message log.

I typed in "so you messin with little kids huh? I can't wait until I bring this to court." And then I sent it to her.

This is a brilliant plan.

I started laughing and Tammy soon joined in.

"I'm getting my son back from that bitch and then I'm gonna notify the school about her and that boy." I chuckled while clapping my hands.

"We're gonna show that bitch we're not to be played with."


Lea's POV

The bell ranged for my final class to be over and boy am I happy because I'm extremely tired from dealing with all these students today.

"Are you ready to go mom?" Leon asked as him and Diggy walked into my classroom.

Him and Diggy have been getting along for the past couple of days , Leon has gotten use to him being around the house , and he sort of felt sorry for him getting kicked out.

"Yeah , let me just grab a few more things." I replied back going into one of the cabinets.

I turned my back to get a file for one second and then I turned around to see Mrs.Thomas talking to the boys.

"Hey Mrs. Thomas." I said with a fake smile on my face.

"It's Kathy." She said also with a fake smile on her face.

"Yeah , Kathy what are you doing in my classroom?" I said through gritted teeth.

She's really starting to annoy me.

"Well I came to apologize for assuming things about you and Mr.Simmons over there." She replied back in a fake voice.

"Thanks for the apology you can leave now."
I stated with no emotion in my voice ever.

"You're welcome." She said side eyeing Diggy and I before walking out of the room.

She's so damn nosey. Pretending to apologize just to find out who's in my classroom.

"What was that all about?" Diggy asked giving me a look.

"Just some nosey ass teacher all up in my business." I told them before grabbing my bag.

"Let's go." I said before walking out of the room with them following behind me.


Leon headed straight up to his room once he got into the house.

"What's up with him?" I asked out loud.

"He told me not to tell you." Diggy said with a grin on his face.

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever."

" never told me why you changed your mind about our date?" Diggy questioned while grabbing my hand making me stop what I was doing.

"Well I don't know Diggy..." I said.

I don't know if I should go on this date with him.

"Please just go on this one date with me and if you don't like it we won't go on anymore. I just want to show you a good time." Diggy begged giving me his puppy dog eyes.

I sighed. "Okay but we can't go on a date around here. It has to be somewhere quiet and where no one will be able to find us." I told him.

He had the biggest smile on his face. "This is gonna be the best date ever watch." Diggy said before kissing my cheek and walking off.

Diggy in MM 😍💕

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