Chapter 17 ♔

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♔chapter 17♔

♔ Lea's POV

A couple of days later (Friday)

For the past couple of days my mind has been on the date Diggy has planned for us today and I have no clue on how it's gonna go.

I picked up and read the note Diggy gave me during class.

It read:

I can't wait until our date later , I wanna take you somewhere very special. ;)

I smiled at the note before sticking it in my bag and leaving my classroom.

I can't help but to think about how wrong this is. He's only eighteen years old and here I am going on a date with him. If it wasn't for him begging me to go on the date with him then I probably wouldn't.

Once I made it to my car I hurried up and pulled off.


I wasn't surprised when I arrived at home and I found it empty because Leon is at a friend's house.

Diggy said to be ready by six so I have a good two hours to get ready.

I made my way upstairs where I sat all my bags down on my bed and headed towards my walk in closet.

After searching a good five-teen minutes I found the perfect outfit. Not too dressy and not too messy.

I laid my outfit out on my bed before going and starting the shower.

After I collected all the things I would need for my shower I hopped in.

I washed myself up for about half an hour, got out , and then dried myself off. I lotion my body making sure my skin looked soft and then I slipped on my clothes. I added some of my "Midnight exotics" perfume.

I decided to just keep my hair simple with light wand curls and then I added my red lipstick with some black mascara. I look pretty good if I do say so myself.

I snapped a few pictures as I looked at myself in the mirror.

"You look beautiful." Diggy said coming into my bedroom making me jump.

I accidentally dropped my phone on the ground as I held my hand over my heart.

"Don't scare me like that!" I snapped with my pouty lips showing.

He chuckled. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you." He replied back with a grin on his face.

I playfully rolled my eyes. "whatever, you look great to." I said finally taking in his appearance. He has on a all white shirt with a gold chain around his neck, black pants , and black timbs. He's in something simple but he still looks yummy.

"Wow. You look absolutely amazing." He complimented finally taking in my full appearance.

"Enough with the compliments let's go." I said grabbing my all red handbag.

I'm pretty sure I'm as red as a apple right now.

I walked over to him and grabbed his hand leading him and I out of the room.

"How did you get in?" I asked confused looking back at him.

"Leon gave me his house keys." Diggy told me with no hesitation.

We stayed silent as we made our way out of the house.

For some reason I don't think he's telling the truth.

"I'm driving." Diggy said taking my keys out of my hand.

I nodded before getting into the passenger seat. He got into the driver's seat and in a couple of seconds we pulled off.

I caught Diggy staring at me a couple of times as he drove.

"What?" I asked with a smile on my face.

"You're just so sexy and I wanna make love to you..."

Lea for the date in MM 😩💕

Things are gonna get crazy in the next few chapters.

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