Chapter 1

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alison pov

"hey! my bag!" i shouted and ran to cyrus who was leaving with my stuff.

"hey! get off me!" he shouted and shoved me.

i wouldn't give up.

but he slammed me against the concrete wall and held my mouth.

"no!" i tried screaming.

he smirked and whipped out a knife.

"no! please!" he slashed my leg and i cried out.

i slid down the wall, my leg bleeding out.

he fled the basement, along with everyone else in it, taking everything i had.

i pulled up my dress and felt hot tears roll down my cheeks.

"ah." i winced.

i sobbed as i was sitting on the cold, hard ground...all alone.

i shot up in bed, sweating out of my frigging mind.

i sighed and stood up to shower.

first day back at school...

i got into my shower and felt the hot water pierce my skin.

"ah." i grimaced and lowered the temperature of it.

i cleaned myself and washed my hair.

i looked down at the scar on my thigh from cyrus.

"no! please!"  he slashed my leg and i cried out.

i closed my eyes at the horrid memory.

i shut the water off and grabbed a towel from the rack.

i dried my hair and my body, lightly curling my blonde hair.

i put on my outfit, a dress with a blue cute jacket.

i sat down at my makeup table.

i applied and watched myself in the mirror.

"you've been through a lot worse." i breathed out.

i brushed on some blush and put everything down, "you can do this."

i stood up and grabbed my pink hand bag.

i looked at my room one last time and shut my bedroom door, walking out.

emily pov

"maybe she's not coming." hanna said as we searched for ali.

"she's coming." i said.

aria shook her head, "we should've picked her up. why didn't we pick her up?"

"her dad wanted to drop her off." i said.

"guys i don't think she's coming. i think she's here." spencer said, making us all shoot our heads in the direction spencer was looking.

alison walked very self consciously through everyone who crowded around her.

"once a bitch always a bitch." one girl muttered.

"hey ali remember me?" a guy said and smirked.

"do they love her or do they hate her?" hanna asked.

"i can't tell." aria said, trying to get a better look.

probably cause she's like 2 feet tall.

alison walked over to cindy and mindy.

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