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  𝐍𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓 had fallen on the four quest members as the train rode through the darkness, all four of them being placed on top of each other to sleep. Hope was at the top, then below her was Grover, Annabeth was below him and Percy was at the very bottom.

Grover's snoring could be heard and the shuffling of Hope moving in her small bed as well; the music in the background ending and changing to another song.

"Hey, you asleep?" Percy's voice was heard, making Hope roll her eyes before shutting her eyes again to try and get some sort of sleep at least.

"Yes." Annabeth's voice spoke, also making Hope mentally slap her forehead in annoyance.

Silence was heard again when Percy spoke up, what he said spiking interest in Hope. "You and Thalia were really close, right?"


"What was she like?" Why was Percy all of a sudden asking about Thalia and why was he asking Annabeth about her?

"Why?" Annabeth asked, staring up at the ceiling.

"She was one of the only forbidden kids before me, right? I know Hope knows more about that kind of stuff, but she isn't exactly talking to me. Thalia must've dealt with the same kind of stuff." Percy explained, looking up towards Hopes bed before looking at Annabeth.

"She was tough. I mean, she knew she was a forbidden kid, she just didn't care. All she cared about was finding Hope again." Annabeth said, going silent for a moment before speaking. "When Luke and Thalia found me, Luke cared for me right away. But Thalia, she made me earn it."

"Is that why you give me a hard time? I gotta earn it with you too?" Percy asked.

"Yeah. Maybe." Annabeth sighed.

"I gotta say, that doesn't make a lot of sense to me."

  Nothing ever does.

  "What doesn't make sense to you?"

  "The way you guys all talk. The way the gods want us to think. Gotta burn an offering to get a parent's attention. Gotta beat up on Clarisse just to get my father to admit he's my father. It isn't supposed to work that way. People who are close to you aren't supposed to treat you that way."

  Annabeth went on to tell Percy about her father, and how she ended up on the road alone. Annabeth had told Hope that story a bit after they had met, and for a long time, Hope felt bad for her. Her mom just dropped her off at an orphanage when she was a baby, never meeting her nor her father.

  Her thoughts quickly disappeared when she heard Grover groan, causing Percy to shuffle before speaking "You awake?"

  "Well, I am now. Thanks." Grover mumbled, causing Hope to have a small smile appear. She was one of the lucky and unluckier ones to find out how Grover is when he doesn't get enough sleep.

  "Are you okay?" Percy asked.

  "He's super grouchy when he doesn't get enough sleep." Annabeth explained, shaking her head at the satyr.

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