𝐯. i kill perseus jackson in medusa's basement fill of statues. i wish.

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  "𝐖𝐄 need to go!" Percy said, running back from the kitchen where he had followed Medusa. They all looked at him, Grover getting one last piece of candy before standing up Annabeth and Hope, making a beeline to the basement.

They ran down the spiral staircase leading into a pitch black looking area, deciding to hide in there. Hearing echoed footsteps coming down, they looked up to see if they could see the women, but the only thing they saw was the railing of the staircase have a line of fire spread all the way down until the whole basement was lite by fire.

Percy turned around, gasping when he saw a petrified statue of a woman right behind him. Turning around, all they saw was just lines of frightened people turned to stone.

Hearing the door hinges squeak and the door close, they looked back towards the staircase.

"Come on." Annabeth said, ushering the three in front of her to keep moving.

As they ran past statues, heading towards the back, Grover spoke "There's four of us and only one of her. If we split up, she can't be watching us all at once."

"I don't think it'd be that simple." Annabeth said, all of them coming to a stop. 'Yay, arguing. Again.' Hope thought, rolling her eyes as she listened to them.

"It could be." Grover said, then looking at Percy and Hope. "Here's the plan. I'll get in the air, I'll draw her attention. As soon as you hear me say, "Maia", you guys start—" Grover was cut off when the shoes Luke had given Percy started lifting him up.

"Oh, boy! Okay! Uhm. Off. Down." Grover screamed, making Hope crack a smile as Grover kept going up until they couldn't see him anymore.

"So we're gonna need a new plan." Annabeth said, making Percy just nod his head and Hope mutter a "Definitely.".

"We are not our parents, until we choose to be." Medusa said, causing the three to look back before running more forward to get away from the monstrous woman. "You three have chosen."

"A daughter of a self-righteous mother, who chose self-righteousness for herself. Another daughter of a self centered father, only favoring the dead child instead of his living one." Medusa said, making Hope clench her fists as she pushed her back against the crate behind her.

Annabeth was seated next to her with her invisible cap on, Percy crouched next to her as Medusa walked towards them. Hope slowly getting the shrunken spear that was in her jacket pocket as Medusa spoke again.

"And you, you could have shown your father what it means to stand up for someone you love." The woman said, her heels clanking with each step she got closer to them. "You could choose to save your mother instead of doing your father's bidding."

"If neither of you will help teach these lessons, perhaps you should be the lessons." Medusa said, Percy slowly taking out his sword. "When I ship your statues to Olympus, maybe that will get my point across even better. Stand up."

As she walked closer, Percy had already taken out his sword completely and Hope had her spear ready incase of anything.

"Let's have a look at you two." She said, Percy standing up but Hope staying down, keeping her eyes closed as the blue eyed woman walked to them. As Medusa touched Percy's hair, she glanced at Hope, smirking. "Stand up, child." but Hope didn't listen, leaving Medusa to not really have time to say anything as Grover's yelling sounded from above, taking her off guard.

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