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  𝐓𝐇𝐄 three demigods and satyr walked down a wooden path, Annabeth and Hope in the front, Grover and Percy in the back.

  Hope was still thinking of what Alecto had said to her, and even though she wasn't considering it, it was still stuck in her mind.

  "Somewhere up ahead, this turns into a satyr path." Grover said, breaking the silence that had started since they started walking on the path.

  "What's a satyr path?"

  "It's a road through the wilderness. Satyr explores use them. Harder to track us." Grover explained, making the blonde boy ask more questions.

  "That's great, but if we stay in the wilderness how are we gonna find a phone?" Percy asked, making Annabeth turn around.

  "What do we need a phone for?"

  "So we can call camp. T-To get help." Percy explained like it was obvious, but also looking at Grover for help.

  "We don't need help. We're perfectly fine." Hope said, playing with the string of her jacket out of boredom.

  "We're perfectly fine? We haven't even gotten to Trenton, and we're wandering through a forest. I didn't even know they had forests in New Jersey, but we've found one. I would say we're the opposite of perfectly fine." Percy argued back, but instead of all the other times the two had argued, Hope was getting mad, she was just neutral in all honesty. Not mad, not sad, not disappointed. Neutral.

  "Percy, the Oracle sent us on a quest. By the gods too. What'd you think, that it was gonna be super easy? It's supposed to be hard." Hope glanced back at Percy before continuing, "That's why only certain people from camp are chosen. Calling camp would basically mean it was a mistake to choose us." she finished.

  "I'm completely comfortable with that. Everyone makes mistakes." Percy said.

  "Why are you so afraid of who you are?" Annabeth said when Percy had walked ahead, making Hope be next to Grover now and Annabeth and Percy are next to each other, or facing each other.


  Hope just looked at the two, a little feeling in her stomach. She didn't know what the feeling was a why she was getting it but just looking at them, she just felt that feeling.

  "You know, what's interesting about this particular satyr path is it's actually the one my Uncle Ferdinand took when he set out on his own quest." Grover said, trying to draw away what would be another argument between them.

  "What was that supposed to mean, afraid of who I am? I'm not afraid." Percy defended himself.

  "Yes, you are. You aren't just a kid. "Just a kid" doesn't do what you did to Clarisse back a camp. "Just a kid" doesn't have Hades sending top lieutenants to retrieve them." Annabeth said, stopping for a moment before speaking again.

  "You know, you are a part of something so much bigger than we can understand right now. We have to move forward, whether you like it or not, whether you want to or not."

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