𝐢𝐢𝐢. saltwater brain chooses me for his quest. and i might strangle him.

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[ 🪸⚡️]

𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐑𝐎𝐍 had gathered what he called "The most compelling candidates" to the pavilion for Percy's quest. After the Oracle had given Percy his quest that morning, Chiron made the kids he had chosen to stand under colored flags with greek symbols so Percy could choose who would be apart of his quest.

  "The Oracle has confirmed what we expected, that this quest will proceed toward the Underworld, where you will confront the god who has rebelled against his brothers. Hades. The entrance to Hades's domain lies under the city of Los Angeles. This is where you will journey to. Time is short." Chiron spoke, looking at Percy before the kids infront of him.

Hope yawned, started to braid a small piece of her hair as Chiron spoke again. To her, it was too early for this, even though it was ten in the morning.

  "I have selected our most compelling candidates, from which you will choose three to join you on this quest and ensure that we succeed-" Chiron said before he was cut off.


  "Customarily, one waits to at least hear a name or two before choosing. Are you sure you don't wanna hear more?" Chiron whispered to Percy, looking at him.

  "This thing, Zeus's master bolt, we need to get it back, right?" Percy explained, a very obvious 'yes' coming out of Chiron.

  "And it's gonna be hard to get, yes?"


  "And if the mission required someone to push me down a flight of stairs for it to succeed... you'd want someone who won't hesitate when they do it." Percy explained, making Chiron's eyebrows go up and look up.

  "The first quest-mate shall be Annabeth Chase! Now, on to the other candidates. Who will be your second choice?"

  Percy looked around, his eyes landed on a very bored Hope before speaking. "Hope. I choose Hope."

  Hope looked up, giving him a questioning look before he explained.

  "With the quest for Zeus's lightning bolt, who's better to go and help me get it then the daughter of Zeus herself." Percy spoke, making Chiron nod and look at Hope.

  "The second quest-mate shall be Hope Everhart. Now, who will be your final candidate?"

  "Grover. Grover Underwood."

  "Very well, the third and final quest-mate shall be Grover Underwood. I in trust you have made the right decision, Percy."

━━━━━━ [ 🪸⚡️] ━━━━━━

𝐀𝐒 Hope gathered her things for the quest, she heard the door open to her cabin.

  Annabeth walked in, a small smile on her face. "Wanna go see Thalia one last time before we leave?" she asked.

  "Yeah, let me just get my jacket." Hope said, stuffing the shrunken hand size spear in her bag, grabbing her old off black jacket off her bed and slipping it on, walking out behind Annabeth as they walked to the pine tree where Thalia was.

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