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Sometimes, the coincidences are truly ironic

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Sometimes, the coincidences are truly ironic. Mocking, like the pattern of life, really. They pop up under the noses of unhinged individuals and reveal truths, secrets, and matters capable of turning the tables upside down, but they will still turn and hide behind bushes and towering walls, becoming the shadow of a picture so bright, and only when the sun emerges will they shine with their brightness.

But at that time, it's usually very late, for that the time when a person facepalms and expels sighs of anguish, regret and annoyance at the naivety and stupidity with which they choose to live such a deceitful life.

But Jungkook wasn't there yet. No, still not. And if he had known how well you actually knew his sister, how deep the bond was that established your relationship, he wouldn't tell you what a good kid she was, how funny and sometimes insufferable. He wouldn't smile and then sigh as he told you about her dreams and goals. He wouldn't have turned his palm to hide his tears. He would have facepalmed if you told him that you knew about all those dreams she had, maybe even more than he did. He would have put his hand over his mouth if you had told him that although insufferable, she was loving, caring too.

Had he known, he would have sighed, but not out of sadness. The air he would have expelled would have been poisonous, a venom that carries questions about truths that are killers, serious assassins.

But all good. Jungkook was far from knowing the truth, and you were far too good at hiding it. The magic spell you both cast. A blue powder of ignorance and a black one of deceit.

But even dark blue is affected by bleach when it reaches it, and lord, was there a stronger chemical than the truth. See, there's only one thing that can combat secrecy, and that's nothing but curiosity. Jungkook was curious. He was a renegade lab full of bleach that flooded every room it reached, and no, Jungkook was not willing to hold back.

You had no way of knowing because the eye you had on him turned out to be infected and had to be quarantined. So you didn't know that he had come a long way to you and had found answers in your lab to many questions and questions to rejoin found answers. It was almost time to go home; the hands of the clock were approaching six in the evening when his phone buzzed several times. He was about to turn the noise off when he realized his phone was on screen saver, no calls or messages coming in, but as the noise continued, he reached for the drawer to get the burner he still had not gotten used to.

"Jungkook, you need to come here right away. I have sent you the address. Make it quick. I have found a lead."

No, you didn't know; as a matter of fact, you thought he was at a work dinner as he had told you when he called to let you know that he would be late. And that's where you were wrong when you let your guard down. You would blame it on lack of manpower, would blame it on luck too, but deep down, you knew you just longed for a sense of normalcy and mutual trust.

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