𝐢. i meet the kid that killed the minotaur, unfortunately.

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[ 🪸⚡️]

  ❝𝐘𝐎𝐔'𝐕𝐄 got to be kidding me.❞ Hope Everhart mumbled to herself, already having an irritation as her eyes opened. Why is she already irritated, you may ask. Well because, being that she had already woken up with a rough start, walking out to see a group of Ares and Hermes kid with the new comer, and also because Hope always wakes up irritated. Hope was not a person you wanted to wake up at a sleepover.

She already knew Clarisse was doing her regular taunting, it was an everyday thing, and she knew Luke was helping the very clueless boy out, but she really did not know why it had to happen at the same time and so early in the morning.

As she walked down Zeus's marble stone steps, the soles of her messed up and old black converse burning as she walked across the pebble and rock filled ground, making her way to the small huddle of Ares and Hermes kids.

"Look, you want attention around here dummy? You better be ready for it when it comes." Clarisse taunted, a smug smile on her face.

"Clarisse, just knock it off. Give it a day, atleast." Hope spoke, looking at her two best friends.

"Why do you care? He's probably not even the kid you're looking for anyway." Clarisse spoke, making the kids behind her laugh.

"I don't. I just don't need another lecture from Chiron about 'trying and being nice to the new comers.'." Hope said, completely ignoring what Clarisse had said about her quest.

Clarisse just rolled her eyes before turning around, leaving with the rest of Ares kids behind her.

"Chiron gave you another lecture?" Luke asked, looking at his little sister with a small smile.

"Two days ago. Probably gonna get another one this week." Hope said, smiling slightly at Luke.

Percy had finally took notice of the unnamed girl that had came out of nowhere. The girl had wavy brown hair the met below her shoulders, stormy grey eyes that looked cold only towards him, but soft towards Luke, and the same necklace with the same amount of beads as Luke as well. She looked to be his height, maybe even shorter. She wore a brown long sleeve under the orange Camp Half-Blood shirt everyone wore. And if you looked close, a silver chain with an oval pendant that had an E in the middle that was dangling off her neck was there that Percy noticed.

"Well, she seems nice."

"Ares kids. They come by it honestly." Luke spoke, shrugging his shoulders.

"Why don't they mess with you?"

"They know better." Luke smirked.

"Who are you?" Percy said, turning around to the new girl he had just met and slightly defended him.

"Percy, meet Hope. Hope, meet Percy." Luke spoke for her, Percy giving Hope a weak smile and Hope just giving him a blank face.

"You're the one that killed the Minotaur?" Hope asked, surprising everyone that heard and even herself because she had never really talked to any of the new comers at all.

"Yeah?" Percy asked, kind of questioning his answer. He knew he killed the Minotaur because of Riptide, but he didn't know if this Hope girl would do the same as Clarisse had.

Hope just nodded before walking away, leaving Percy very confused.

"What's with her?" Percy said, looking at Luke as they walked to the training field.

"Hope doesn't really like people much, more specifically the new comers, so her not talking is normal."

"Who're parents?" Percy asked, the bottom of his shoes crumbling the pebbles below him as they walked.

"She's a forbidden kid, daughter of Zeus." Luke said, Percy getting intrigued by the phrase 'forbidden kid'.

"Forbidden kid?"

"The three main gods. They made a pact that they were forbidden to have kids, thinking they would become too powerful. It was fine for a while until Zeus broke that pact, ending up with Hope."

"So, Hope's the daughter of Zeus? The main God of all Gods?" Percy asked, as they got to the shooting field.



━━━━━━ [ 🪸⚡️] ━━━━━━

𝐍𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓 had fallen over the camp, and Hope decided to go to the bathroom building before heading back to her cabin because she just wanted to go to sleep.

  Walking onto the wooden floorboard, she heard voices, more so Clarisse and Percy's voice.

  'What now?' Hope sighed , squeezing her eyes shut before hearing struggling, more speaking, than... the toilet flush?

  Hope walked in, at that moment seeing three lines of water shoot out from one of the stalls, pushing Clarisse and two other Ares's kids to the wall, making them fall to the floor.

  One boy ran out, followed by another girl. They seem to just not notice Hope at all because they just ran out soaking wet. An amused smiled played of Hope's face.

  "Clarisse?" Hope asked, getting the attention from both Percy and Clarisse. Clarisse looked infuriated, her chest rising up and down heavily as she looked at Percy again, then ran off, shoving Hope to the side a bit.

  Percy walked out of the broken stall, rather confused on what just happened. He looked at Hope, then noticed she was looking at him in a 'explain what happened' kind of look, then looked at the broken stall and back at Hope once more "I can explain."

  "Then explain."

  "Okay..." he stayed quiet before speaking "I can't explain."

  "I get it, you're new. But just so you know, try not to get on Clarisse's worse side. Which you're actually right there, so." Hope said as she started to walk out of the bathroom, the feeling of going to the bathroom not really there anymore.

  "You think Clarisse will try and kill me tomorrow in Capture the Flag after this?" Percy asked, stopping her from leaving.

  "Chiron says the rules are no maiming or killing," Hope could hear Percy breathe out a breath of relief, and she was gonna lie and say no, but telling him the truth would be way more fun. Just to mess with his head a little bit. "so, yes, I think she will try and kill you tomorrow." she then walked out, leaving a very scared Percy.

  'Tomorrow's gonna be something.'


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