#Imagine you waking up from Prince' bed and start getting dressed, when you hear him say:

"Bae, take that off .... come here."

He smiles with desire. You crawl back into bed as he takes his hand to your chin and leads you to his lips. The rain is falling on your window. You are all by yourselves. You are on top of him as you bit his lips and he says:

"It'll be a moment, just lemme do it"

You grind on him for a while with your panties on while he touches your body and your lips never let go. He breathes hard and his penis slowly erects. You are totally turned on so you take your panties off and ride him. He moans and suddenly your legs tremble and a huge orgasm takes over your body.

"Ahhhh, you want more?" He whispers to your ear

You smile and say "I gotta go"

Prince answer's "Please, I'll make it fast" 

He climbs on top of your naked body and pins your wrists down into the pillow. You kiss gently. He licks your breasts and you arch your back with pleasure. You are looking at each others eyes constantly when you feel the need of penetration.

"Prince, fuck me .... hard .... aahhh, aahhhh, Prince, now."

He replies with a mischievous smile that turns you on even more. Taking his dick with his hands, he places it in your p**** ... never penetrating. It tickles you and you moan. You try and get his d*** inside so you grind as he watches you, He arouses you to the point you cum. That same moment he decided to put his hard d*** inside you. You can't take it and scream his name. He goes in and out with fast pace. He cums and you feel warm inside. Your thighs are wet. He lays beside you and kisses you on the forehead saying "Good Morning Love"

Sorry If It's To Explict!

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