2. Searching for You

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-comm speech-

Raon sat next to his family's grave, "It has been more than a thousand years, human."

Raon looked at the full moon sky, "I have watched over many generations of our family. Did you know? They now worship me as a God, their God."

Raon turned back to the grave huffing, "You would complain your slacker life is in danger if you were here."

Raon curled around the graves, "I am old now human and I am tired. I will be leaving this world soon. I am sure my little Asher will do a good job being a great and mighty Dragon."

Choi Han joined him, "Raon - nim, there you are."

Raon looked at the man with white hair now, "Choi Han, I am tired, Choi Han."

Choi Han smiled, "Me too, Raon - nim, me too. I think it is time for us to join Cale - nim. Don't you think so, Raon - nim?"

Raon closer his eyes, "Yes Choi Han, yes, it is time."

The next day the people found the black swordsman and his black dragon had turned into a stone barrier protecting their families even in death. The two were the last members of the original hero group to pass away. Lord Eruhaben had become one with nature when Cale was still alive and it had been a sad yet beautiful farewell. A few hundred years after Cale passed the well loved dark Elf Emperor, Alver had passed away, leaving the reigns of the kingdom in his great grand niece's hands. Before him Rosalyn and Mary had been the ones to pass on, as mages they were able to live longer but even magic could not prolong your life forever.

One of the best things that Rosalyn had done after becoming the Red Sorceress Magus was to announce that the necromancers were mages too. She and Mary had worked together to make things easier and better for other necromancers and dark mama users. They were already very low in number to begin with so it was not difficult to provide for them. The most difficult part was educating people, though thanks to sweet Mary's own accomplishments during the War and Alver's own background it became easier over the years. It still took almost most of their lifetime which was the two hundred years they lived together.

Alver had been proud of them and had been saddened when his favourite couple had passed eighty years after Lock who lived up to  a hundred and twenty. Choi Han, Raon and the other Elves had been the only ones left of the original group after their deaths. But the Elves just like the dragons they worshipped had started to move on becoming one with nature till only Raon and Choi Han had been left behind. Raon had finally come to accept death was part of life after Mary had passed away. Raon hoped after he died he would see his human once again, he missed his human the most. Raon wanted to be held by his weak yet warm and loving human.

Miles woke up feeling strange, 'What a weird dream!'

Ever since Sam started to behave more relaxed and lazy, he had started having dreams about following a red haired man. Miles was no smart aleck like Sam but he knew for sure he never met the red haired man before, not to forget his clothes. Those clothes looked like they were from the French revolution era, fancy yet practical to fight in. Miles had lately become more protective over his brunette friend and from time to time caught himself reaching for something. Miles thought he should have a sword like the large heavy ones, in one of those journals that Archibald had written in. Lately, he felt more and more energetic while Sam seemed to become lazy instead.

Sam had told him a few of the things written in the journal, and one of them was about the Knights of the old. Miles wanted to learn sword fighting and had joined a fencing class, though it did not feel right. He just knew, he used a thicker sword compared to the thin ones in the dreams, but they used only the thin ones in class. If there was one positive thing though, then it was the fact Sam supported him and encouraged him to take part in many competitions and win money. Funnily enough, he won those competitions and became labelled as a fencing prodigy even though fencing only felt one third right to him. Miles knew he wanted a bigger sword and wanted to protect those he loved. The money was just a bonus.

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