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You sighed , you got some errands to run now .


Y/n : here you go Jin oppa

You said as you handed the mug of coffee to him .

He sipped it and sighed in satisfaction .

That's when he recieved a call from jhope .

Jhope : hyung where are you ? We are worried .

Jin : hoba . No worries I am in safe hands.

He said referring you as you smiled .

Jhope : oh ok . But who is the safe hands ?

Jin : Y/n .

Jhope : wait what are you doing there .

Jin : I will explain .

With that he hung up the call .


When taehyung reached their flat . He saw his two partner in crimes waiting for him .

He smiled as the trio left to jungkook's room to play video games .


Morning ,

Jin woke up when he felt sun rays kissing his face . He streched his wide arms .

He did his morning routine .

Washing his face , brushing and some bathroom business .

He knew that no younger ones are going to wake up as it was 6am .

He sighed as he came to living room . Not knowing what to do .

As today it's suga's turn to cook breakfast . He seated himself on couch .

That's when an idea popped in his head. Why don't he invite you to breakfast , as you would have just arranged things !

However he will get a chance to meet you . That's it shoving phone into his pockets.

He made his way to your flat searching for it locking the door .

He knew it must be towards the left side as right side is of TXT .

He turned to the left corner and saw a flat with written your name 'y/n' .

He smiled as he found but stopped himself from knocking the door . What if you were still sleeping ? What if ran on his head !


Meanwhile .

You couldn't fall asleep that easily because
1. It was new place
2. You weren't that tired .

So you didn't sleep that good . So you just decided to do your morning routine . You felt lazy so you decided to take bath later .

You felt like keeping the windows open to let some sun in . You opened the door to put some waste boxes outside .

You opened the door and was met with tees saying
'Yeehaw I got food ' .

You've reached the end of published parts.

⏰ Last updated: Sep 19, 2023 ⏰

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