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It may be lil cringe

They were in awe as you said shyly that you are also a part of ARMY .

" So my future wifey " someone sang and that was none other than the flirt person Jimin as your cheeks turned to red just like monkey's  ass (lol) .

" is she blushing?" Commented hobi . "Aww you are cute , while you blush " said jimin . Other seemed to be jealous as jimin made you to blush but they couldn't.

"Ani jimin sunbae  "you said .

Jk : sunbae ?

You 👉👈: hmm yeah . You guys are older than me so , yeah !!

You looked down as all of a sudden you felt nervous then felt like someone is towering you as you looked up to see Jin standing there with a sweet smile on his face . He was so tall that you nearly reached his mid of his chest .

He crouched down a lil to meet your height and said .

Jin : you can call us oppa .
He said as he patted your head which your heart stopped beating a second .
He looked so handsome , breathtaking handsome .
( ooh  , Jin got a move )

He backed away from you as you nodded .

You : yeah , I got is jin sunbae .

You said as he raised his one eyebrow at you  .

You : I mean Jin o..oppa

Jin : that sounds good .

He smiled as you also smiled.  Then you heard stomping sounds . You looked behind jin by peeking your head to see others pout which you find extremely adorable .

Jimin : you should also call me  oppa too .

He said as now you decided to tease him .

You : no , I wont .

You said as you crossed your arms . You heard chuckles .

Jimin : you wont ?

You shooked your head as a ' no ' . He just pouted more .

Suga : did you move in ?

I have to oppa  , you answered him as he nodded . He smiled with a tint  of pink shade in his cheeks as you called him oppa .

Where is your apartment ? , jk asked . Like near BTS and TXT dorm , you answered him as he nodded his head .

Oh , now I understood why they were cleaning the apartment beside ours , said tae as you nodded to him . Then the door got opened by your manager as you waved and smiled at him .

Actually , now you can move in to your apartment but can BTS please drop her as I have some work . He said, before you can even react he left .

Then what let's  go , Joon said   . You nodded . You all exited the dance room ,
In the hallway , you guys passed TXT . As soobin squealed in happiness as you smiled at him .

You were in between jin and jimin . Namjoon , hobi and tae were in front of you . Jk , suga were behind you .

I am big fan of yours , said taehyun . As you scratched the back of your neck .

To be CONTINUED.......


Be whom you are
Love whom you are


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