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Suga : ah jin hyung let's order food.

You : no I can suga op--

Jimin : that's okay

Jin : what shall we order y/nnie?

He asked as you said your favorite food name.

Jhope : that's a good one y/nie

He commented , you said thanks? In a doubtful way which everyone laughed it off.

The order will be taken on your way to the apartment. You plugged your ear pods and was listening to 🎶🎶🎶music while gazing out.

Meanwhile the max of them slept and few on their phone.

Then the vehicle stopped abruptly as you flinched and looked to sides, no one didn't woke up from their slumber,
Must be deep sleepers you thought

Namjoon : who w-
He asked as he turned around but shut his mouth seeing everyone are already in their dreamland

Namjoon pov

I already informed the driver to stop the restaurant where we have ordered food for parcel

He stopped by as I turned to ask who wants a accompany me but only saw my hyungs and my dongsaengs sleeping peacefully as i smiled,

they are my family seeing them sleeping peacefully is just a bliss for my eyes.

Then my eyes diverted to see y/n looking at me like a lost puppy, I chuckled as I asked her in a whisper tone.

Joon : want to accompany me to restaurant.

She immediately nodded her head


( this font -represent their mind thought)

End of pov

You wore a mask and a cap, same goes to him.

Let's go he said as you nodded and followed him.

Your pov

Interior of the hotel is good .

End of pov

You were amazed by the interior as you didn't notice that you bumped to back side of joon when he stopped walking.

You winced as your head bumped into the back of his head .

You rubbed ur forehead as joon turned around and mumbled a sorry and was about to touch your forehead but thinking u may get uncomfortable he retracted his hands as u smiled at his gentlemen nature .

Joon :
Does it hurt ?

A Lil

Joon :

That's okay oppa u answered as he nodded .

You both ordered food to take out and settled in the waiting room , sitting side by side but however with a Lil distance .

Then ur eyes diverted to icecream . Okay your mouth started to water .

'Hmm , would u like to get a icecream with me' ,
no asking like that sounds rude or maybe like a date , no no then how should I ask like
'I am getting icecream wanna join '
Well it does sounds okay but still he is my sunbae I should ask with respect like

joon :
Debating with ur mind

You averted ur gaze towards him

Did he read my mind

Joon :
no I dint it's just ur expression says everything

Shit , here we go again .

He stated as you nodded ur head

Joon :
Shall we get icecream ?

Damn , he asked it casually ! I also have to be good at conversation atleast !?

Sure let's get it you answered .

You  : Shouldn't we also get for them ?

Joon. : They are asleep

U : we could get a icecream box !!

U suggested as he nodded his head agreeing .

Namjoon got his own fav icecream and same goes to u .

And also for the members u got two kg of icecream of diff flavour .

U were about to pay .

Joon : no I will pay

U : that's fine I c-

Joon : no no , that would be rude of me .

U : why oppa ! That's not like only men can pay women we can also pay

U protested as he sighed and paid as u grinned .

He stared at u like the most proud man alive because of ur statement .

U were enjoying ur icecream as joon was enjoying the view .

Soon ur guys order came as he fast enough that he paid while u simply pouted .

He responded it by patting ur head as u simply followed him to the van and started the van to reach apartment..



Never give up on your dreams, no matter how painful and difficult your journey is.


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