First meet

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Namjoon :
I guess

Jin :
You guess what ?

Jin asked as namjoon thought for a while which made everyone to look at his direction .

Namjoon :
I dont know

Everyone looked at him in disbelief .

Next day ,

You wore plain white tshirt with a denim shirt and black Jeans with your hair free which was upto your little below shoulder , and did light makeup .

You took deep breathe as you entered your car and was ready to continue your idol life in new company  .

Meanwhile in BTS dorm .

Jin who woke up from his beauty sleep because of the sunlight hitting his face . He sat up and rubbed his eyes and that's when he remembered , today is the day you will arrive .

He stood up from his bed and took a bath and wore nice outfit and came to living room  but was shocked to see others  already seated in their places .

Usually , Jin has to wake them all up and have to ask to them to get ready .

But seeing them all ready now shocked him or unusual . Then he remembered about you , the reason they all are up early is because of your arrival .

Hyung why are you late ?, asked Jk as jin rolled his eyes and scoffed . When Jin was about to speak yoongi spoke cutting him off , let's just go already .

Then they all seated inside the limo .

She is 22 , right ? Asked Jimin .
Yeah , she is younger than me  said jk with a grin making his hyungs frown .

But kook , aren't you interested in older girls ? Asked tae with a smirk as jk pouted making his hyungs laugh at youngest cuteness.

Why did u ask?asked again suga as jk spoke . 
Then I can be her oppa , right ? ,he said while fidgeting with his fingers
👉👈 as redness took over his cheeks .

Everyone made 'ooooh' sound . I am not your oppa , jhope mocked him as everyone started to laugh again .

Wait, it means she will call all of us oppa  said tae as he squealed in happiness .

Time skip

They all reached as they were waiting for you  , but their choreographer asked them to practice while they had no chance but to do it .

Meanwhile , you arrived bighit or hybe building and entered in with a smile as you went to receptionist and asked as she led you to Bangpd-nim  office room .

The receptionist smiled and left as you entered his room before knocking as he said 'come in ' . You were quiet nervous and also was excited at the same level .

Hello , it is nice to meet you in person  . ,he said as you smiled at him and bowed while greeting him .

Time skip after signing the contract and all .

So , did you planned where you are going to stay ?, he asked as you thought for a while before answering him as you really have to find a new apartment to live as it was really far away from your old apartment if you want to come here .

No , Bangpd-nim  , I am still finding it   ., you said as he nodded . And is there any rules to be followed , you asked as he smiled and said some basic rules only like no smoking , because it is bad for health you know .

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