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He responded it by patting ur head as u simply followed him to the van and started the van to reach apartment..

U guys reached the apartment. Now even namjoon fell asleep . What should I do now .


U took ur phone and played fire song by bts especially the chorus .

Boys all shrieked and woke up getting startled .

Jk got up ninja position
Taehyung with wide eyes
Jhope looked like he is about to cry
Jimin just trying to open his eyes
Namjoon in his leader mode
Yoongi didn't even budge
Jin in his mother mode .

U laughed like there was no today . U clutched ur stomach as u laughed with gaers forming in ur eyes .

Jin : wah you young lady you literally scared the shit out of me . Woah . I had a mini heart attack .

He spoke faster which caused you to laugh more .

Soon everyone realised and came back to normal human position as they all smiled seeing you laugh .

They all looked at you with such an adoration .

Seeing their gaze at you , you cleared your throat as you looked everywhere else but not them .

Namjoon took over the food bag . As he lead the way leaving you all to follow him .

Suga : so you are working on an album .

Y/n : yeah

Suga raised his eyebrow .

You gave him 'what happened look '

Suga : oh where is the respect ?

He asked in a teasing manner getting you caught off .

You awkwardly laughed as you scratched your neck .

Suga : if u want u can call me by my name

Jk : hyung , you won't let us to call you by just name .

Jimin : this is unfair hyung

Whined the two kids . As you smiled at them .

With that you guys reached the apartment . Jin opened the door. You were trying to find your flat as they said the door will have your name on it.

Jin : first we will eat . And you can go search for your flat .

Y/n : sure

With that you all entered the legend aka BTS flat . It was cozy enough .

You thought that the house must be in chaotic mess but fuck it was clean.

You smiled .

Y/n : guys can I know where is washroom !

Yoongi : to left and to right .

With that you started to walk towars the direction instructed by yoongi .


Meanwhile they boys were arranging food on the dining table.

Jin : jiminah can you take the extra chair from guest room for y/n .

Jimin : hyung you yourself knew how bad my relationship is with chairs and then why me

Jin : nevermind

Jhope : don't worry. You got me .

With that jhope went to take a extra chair for you .


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